Афанасьева, 6. Рабочая тетрадь 1. Test 3

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Выбери нужное слово из рамочки и закончи вопросы.
1. — When do you usually have lunch?
— At one o’clock.
2. — What colour is your school bag?
— It’s grey
3. — What do you read in the evening?
— I read books. I like reading.
4. — How many pets do you have?
— Two. I have two little birds.
5. — Why do you watch television?
— I like films.
6. — Where is your school?
— It’s in my street?
7. — How old are your brother and sister?
— My sister is eleven and my brother is fifteen.
8. — When does Fred have a shower?
— Late in the evening, at half past eleven.
9. — Who plays the piano in your family?
— My mother does. She plays very well.
10. — How many friends does John Barker have?
— He has a lot of good friends.
Прочитай текст о том, как обычно про-водит свой день Магу, и напиши, в какой последовательности должны быть расположены отрывки.
1. В, 2. С, 3. А
Допиши нужные слова в этих предложениях.
1. Nick usually has a shower in the morning.
2. Please help me when you finish playing on the computer.
3. We have lunch at school at one o’clock.
4. Kate is never late, she is always on time.
5. Clocks and watches have two or three hands: an hour hand, a minute hand and a second hand.
6. What do you usually have for breakfast?
7. How many friends does she have in Moscow?
8. Please begin reading the text, children.
Напиши новые слова, данные здесь в транскрипции.
1. early
2. half
3. breakfast
4. shower
5. late
6. past
7. dress
8. why
9. watch
10. our
11. finish
12. when
13. face
14. minute
15. home
16. what
17. hand
18. second
19. lunch
20. where
21. quarter
22. who
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