Афанасьева, 6. Рабочая тетрадь 1. Test 4

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Закончи предложения, выбрав нужную форму местоимений. Неверную форму зачеркни.
1. John takes (his/him) dog out in the morning.
2. John and Sally like (they/their) house in Green Street.
3. I can see the Barkers: (they/their) are in (them/their) garden.
4. John like computers. Show (him/his) (you/your) new computer, please.
5. Children! Where are (you/your)? I can’t see (you/your).
6. John! Can you help (us/our), please?
7. Sally has two pets. (She/Her) pets are at home now.
8. Daddy! Can (I/me) go to the cinema? Please take (I/me) to the cinema!
Прочитай текст “The Barker’ House” и напиши, а) где находятся все члены семьи и б) чего нет в комнате Sally.
A) Chase is under the bench in the garden.
Smokey is on the bench in the garden.
John is near the car in the garden.
Sally is near the car too.
Mrs Barker is in the car.
Mr Barker is in the car too.
Б) Sally has no cupboard in her room.
Напиши слова, записанные транскрипционными значками.
1. grass
2. kitchen
3. table
4. apple
5. downstairs
6. ready
7. after
8. book-case
9. garden
10. sofa
11. nice
12. upstairs
13. flower
14. flat
15. again
16. messy
17. late
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