Афанасьева, 6. Рабочая тетрадь 1. Unit 3

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Закончи вопросы в этих мини-диалогах, вставив необходимые вопросительные слова. Работая в парах, подготовьте выразительное чтение этих диалогов.
1. Ann: When do you get up, Betty?
Betty: At half past seven.
Ann: Why so late?
Betty: I live near my school.
2. Ann: Who is your music teacher, Betty? Betty: Miss Grimm.
Ann: Where does she Uve?
Betty: She lives at 42, Green Street.
3. Ann: When does your brother play football? Betty: On Wednesday and Friday.
Ann: Where does he usually play football? Betty: He usually plays football at school.
4. Ann: Where does your sister always go at 7.30 on Monday?
Betty: She goes to her music school.
Ann: Why so early?
Betty: She has her music classes after breakfast. They begin at a quarter past eight.
5. Ann: What music do you like?
Betty: I like pop music.
6. Ann: What do you usually have for breakfast?
Betty: Eggs and a cup of milk.
7. Ann: What colour is your pen?
Betty: It is green.
Ann: How many green pens do you have? Betty: I have two.
Прочитай, как проводит свой день Polly West, и озаглавь каждую часть ее рассказа.
1. Polly’s morning.
2. Polly’s classes.
3. Polly is a good pupil.
4. Polly’s evening.
Прочитай то, что говорит о себе Jack Bennet, и найди рисунок, на котором изображена его семья.
Рисунок № 2.
Подбери к рисункам недостающие реплики.
1. Who is there? — с) It’s me, your mother…
2. Get up, Victor! — d) What’s for breakfast, mum?
3. You’re never on time, Peter! — b) But my watch shows two o’clock.
4. Why are you at home, Rick? — a) I’m sick in bed, Mr Stone.
Посмотри на часы и под каждым циферблатом двумя способами напиши, который час.
1. It’s a quarter to seven. It’s six forty-five.
2. It’s twenty past eight. It’s eight twenty.
3. It’s ten past eleven. It’s eleven ten.
4. It’s twenty five past five. It’s five twenty-five.
5. It’s half past four. It’s four thirty.
6. It’s a quarter past nine. It’s nine fifteen.
7. It’s twenty to eight. It’s seven forty
8. It’s ten to eleven. It’s ten fifty.
9. It’s twenty-five to one. It’s twelve thirty-five.
10. It’s half past one. It’s one thirty.
Напиши слова, записанные транскрипционными значками.
1. where
2. breakfast
3. quarter
4. minute
5. second
6. half
7. early
Посмотри на рисунок и напиши, по какому адресу проживают эти люди.
1. Alice Parker lives at 12, George Street.
2. Peter Gordon lives at 31, Queen Street.
3. Barbara Wilson lives at 26, Park Street.
4. Mr Green lives at 42, High Street.
5. Ted Johnson lives at 18, Apple Street.
6. Alice Bradford lives at 42, Baker Street.
7. Colin White lives at 12, Green Street.
Посмотри на рисунки и закончи эти предложения, вставляя нужные слова clock(s) или watch(es).
1. My Granny has a clock on the wall. She has a watch too.
2. Betty sees three watches and four clocks.
3. Where is my watch, Rex?
4. Big Ben is a clock in London.
5. I have three clocks in my room.
6. My sister has three watches.
Напиши, что говорят эти люди.
1. When does Bill get up?
2. When does Alice go to bed?
3. When is Sally at home?
4. What time is it now?
5. What colour is Kate’s cat?
6. When do Rose’s children have lunch?
7. Who always comes on time and who is always late?
Выпиши глаголы из центрального круга вместе с названиями предметов, с которыми эти глаголы часто употребляются.
1. to show time
2. to wash the plates
3. to play the piano
4. to watch television
5. to fly in a plane
6. to read a book
7. to sleep in a bed
8. to dress a baby
9. to drive a car
10. to go to school
11. to listen to music
12. to ride a bike
13. to sit on a chair
14. to have a shower
15. to teach a pupil
16. to milk a cow
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