Афанасьева, 6. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 7

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Прочитай эти слова и помести их в соответствующую колонку.
[d] played enjoyed cleaned joined showed smiled tried
[t] cooked watched kissed worked walked dressed liked stopped thanked
[id] hated counted
Прочитай тексты и реши, какие рисунки иллюстрируют каждый из них.
А. 5, 6.
В. 7, 8.
С. 1, 2, 3, 4.
Прочитай предложения и зачеркни ту форму глагола, которая в данном случае является неверной.
1. There (is/are) a blackboard and ten desks in the classroom.
2. There (is/are) some chairs at the teacher’s table there.
3. There (is/are) a lot of flowers and a tall green tree in my garden.
4. There (is/are) cornflakes and milk on the table. I think there (is/are) a cake and some sandwiches there too.
5. There (is/are) five pencils and one pen in my school bag.
6. There (is/are) a teacher and eight pupils in classroom.
7. There (is/are) three tomatoes and a cucumber on the plate.
8. There (is/are) two cinemas and a park in my street.
9. There (is/are) a book and a lamp on the desk.
Какие предметы были вчера вечером в магазине? Чтобы ответить на этот вопрос, прочитай предложения, выбрав и подчеркнув правильную форму глагола.
1. There was brown bread in the shop yesterday evening.
2. There were cornflakes in the shop yesterday evening.
3. There were vegetables in the shop yesterday.
4. There were no red apples in the shop yesterday evening, but there were a lot of green apples there.
5. There was ham in the shop yesterday.
6. There was milk and cheese in the shop yesterday evening.
7. There were oranges in the shop yesterday, but there was no orange juice.
8. There was chocolate ice-cream in the shop yesterday evening.
Прочитай эти описания погоды и отметь, какая погода была в Лондоне, Риме, Париже и Москве в прошлом месяце.
1. b.
2. d.
3. с.
4. а.
Подбери недостающие реплики к этим картинкам.
1. I love this weather. — с) Yes, dear. It’s nice and rainy.
2. Are there any letters today? — a) Yes, sir. They are on the table.
3. Grandad Sam was 89 last month. — b) And how old is his bike?
Вычеркни me слова, которые, по твоему мнению, являются лишними в каждом из рядов.
1. wind, winter, white, weather, day
2. warm, cold, hot, yesterday, sunny
3. spring, May, summer, autumn, winter
4. June, July, Tuesday, October, January
5. month, day, thousand, week, hour
Впиши эти слова в колонки.
Winter: cold, snowy, school, ill, classroom, white
Spring: rainbow, windy, warm, grass, cloudy, flowers
Summer: hot, football, dry, hotel, airport, cucumber, ice-cream, swim
Autumn: apples, rainy, fruit, storm, muddy, spider, oranges, tomatoes
Приготовься задать вопросы своим друзьям о том, что они часто (иногда, всегда, обычно) делают и о том, что они делают сейчас. Запиши эти вопросы, используя данные словосочетания и наречия.
1. Do you always get up at seven o’clock? Are you getting up now?
2. Do you usually feed the pet? Are you feeding the pet now?
3. Do you sometimes go to the shops? Are you going to the shop now?
4. Do you often fide a bike? Are you riding a bike now?
5. Do you often go to the cinema? Are you going to the cinema now?
6. Do you always go to bed at ten o’clock in the evening? Are going to bed now?
Составь семь вопросов о девушке Susan со словом or и запиши их.
1. Does Susan usually get up early or late?
2. Is Susan feeding the horse or the cow now?
3. Is Susan cooking fish or chicken now?
4. Does Susan often play volleyball or tennis?
5. Does Susan teach music or English on Friday?
6. Is Susan drinking coffee or juice now?
7. Does Susan usually eat a hamburger or a sandwich for lunch?
8. Is Susan washing her bike or her car now?
9. Is Susan cleaning her bedroom or her kitchen now?
Выбери правильный вариант, чтобы написать о том, что обычно едят и пьют жи-вотные, и напиши, что они едят и пьют сейчас.
1. Digs often eat porridge. They are eating porridge now.
2. Cats like drinking milk. They are drinking milk now.
3. Cows always eat grass. They are eating grass now.
4. Horses like eating sugar. They are eating sugar now.
5. Sheep usually eat grass. They are eating grass now.
6. Foxes like eating chicken. They are eating chicken now.
7. Birds often drink water. They are drinking water now.
8. Pigs usually eat vegetables. They are eating vegetables now.
Закончи описание этой комнаты, вставив недостающие предлоги и наречия.
1. on
2. next to
3. in the middle of
4. at
5. under
6. in
7. with
8. near
9. behind
10. downstairs
Впиши в эти предложения недостающие местоимения.
1. your
2. your
3. my
4. his
5. her
6. your
7. our
8. its
9. his
10. their
Перепиши предложения, выбрав нужную форму глагола.
1. Was it hot or warm yesterday?
2. How many letters are there on the table?
3. Were the children in Scotland last summer?
4. There are not any apples in the apple tree.
5. How many months are there in winter?
6. My Uttle brother was born last month.
7. What is there on the windowsill?
8. Jack’s parents were in the cinema yesterday evening.
9. Last winter was very cold and snowy.
10. There is an apple and two oranges on the plate.
11. There are five classrooms and a gym on this floor.
Закончи текст, дописав в нем слова. March
March, April and May are spring months. March is early spring. The weather in March is?
warm but not hot. Sometimes it’s rainy and the sky is cloudy but there are a lot of dry and sunny days in March too. And what’s the weather like today? It’s a beautiful day! After three rainy days it’s sunny again. The spring flowers are opening and the birds are singing. The children are enjoying the good weather and playing in the streets, parks and gardens. I love spring!
Mike и Dave давно выросли, но текст о них написан в настоящем времени. Перепиши его и измени форму глаголов так, чтобы стало понятно, что речь идет о прошлом.
Mike and Dave are Friends
Mike and Dave were friends. They liked a lot of things. They played football and listened to music. They enjoyed dancing and they liked parties. The boys hated cold and rainy weather and late autumn. On rainy days they watched television or played games. They always walked to school together. They were very good friends.
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