Афанасьева, 6. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Unit 8

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Прочитай эти предложения, выбрав правильную форму глагола. Неправильную форму зачеркни.
1. Last year Nick (is/was) thirteen. How old (is/was) he now?
2. Last January we (go/went) to Scotland by train, we often (go/went) there by train.
3. Joan’s brother (is going to visit/visited) Paris soon.
4. What wonderful weather we (are having/have) today!
5. Jane always (takes/ is going to take) a train to Glasgow.
6. We (decide/decided) to go to Russia in June.
7. Bess (does/did) her room two hour ago. She always (does/did) her room on Saturday.
8. How often (did/do) you (write/wrote) letters to your granny last spring?
9. Do you know where the London Museum (was/is)?
10. Boris sometimes (has/had) a lot of friends in his country house.
11. Little Peter (ran/run) to his granny and she (gave/is giving) him an apple.
12. Polly (eat/ate) a cucumber sandwich and (drink/drank) some strong tea.
13. Yesterday at the bus-stop I (meet/met) my friend Aleck.
14. I didn’t (see/saw) Fred at the party. (Was/Is) he there?
Прочитай ответы и напиши к ним вопросы.
1. Do you often travel by train?
2. Did you travel by train last month?
3. Where did you go last January?
4. Where are you going in July?
5. What did you see in the park?
6. What was the weather like last Sunday?
7. Where did John run in the morning?
8. Why did James go there?
9. Who was in London in July?
10. Were the pupils in Disneyland last summer?
Вычеркни то слово, которое ты сочтешь лишним в этих рядах.
1. car, bus, train, dinner, plane
2. wonderful, nice, interesting, good, bad
3. had, go, ran, met, understood
4. sea, see, summer, square, come
5. Westminster Abbey, the Summer Gardens, the Tower, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben
Постарайся догадаться, что означают эти слова и словосочетания.
seahorse — морской конек
visitors’ book — книга посетителей, регистрационная книга в гостинице
letterbox — почтовый ящик
country dance — контрданс, народный танец
holidaymaker — отпускник, отдыхающий
seabird — морская птица
travelsick — любитель путешествий
letter opener — канцелярский нож
countryman — сельский житель
city centre — центр города
travelcard — карта путешественника
sea dog — морской волк
Подбери недостающие реплики к этим рисункам.
1. I’m having a wonderful time at the sea, mum. — c) Please, don’t stay in the sun all day long.
2. Are going abroad, dear? — a) I’m traveling to Africa by air,
3. Why do you want to ride these motorbikes in London? — b) We have just half an hour to do the capital.
Прочитай письмо, которое написал Martin своей однокласснице Meg, и опиши гостиницу, где он останавливался с семьей.
The hotel was big, new and very good. There were a lot of cosy cafes and shops in the hotel. There was a cinema and a concert hall. There was a nice swimming bath too and I often went to swim there. The room sin the hotel were big, light and cosy. In the rooms there were televisions, fridges and showers. The hotel was a wonderful place.
Допиши предложения, вставив в них нужную форму глагола.
1. Last Friday Mike took his dog to the pond. He played with his dog. They ran and jumped a lot. They met Mike’s friend Bob. Bob was thirsty. He wanted to drink very much. Mike gave him a bottle of mineral water he had.
2. Yesterday Fred and Jim decided to go to the park. They wanted to ride their bikes. In the park they saw their friends — Kevin and Liz. They didn’t have their bikes with them, but they had a big brown ball. The children began playing. They played three games. Then they went home. At 5 o’clock they were at home.
3. Tom and Tim are brothers. Yesterday morning the boys were in the kitchen. Tun made sandwiches for breakfast and gave them to Tom. Tom was happy. He loved the sandwiches very much. After breakfast the brothers went into the street. They walked for five minutes and met Alice. Alice had a letter in her hand. She sent it and the friends went to the museum. They came to the museum at 12 o’clock in the afternoon.
4. Last month Kate began speaking English. She knows a lot of English words now She reads in English. She can write in English too. But sometimes I do not understand her. I did not understand her last month and do not understand her now.
Напиши, на чем путешествовали эти люди.
1. Tom travelled by motorbike.
2. Dug travelled by train.
3. Agatha travelled by plane.
4. Ben travelled by ship.
5. Mr Green travelled by car.
6. Mrs Ford travelled by bus.
Напиши эти слова в нужную колонку, а затем прочитай все три колонки слов.
Допиши необходимые предлоги, чтобы закончить предложения.
1. This summer we are going to the Black Sea.
2. Jake writes letters to all his friends.
3. I’d like to go abroad on my winter holidays.
4. Jane usually goes to Blackpool by bus.
5. Please put my cup on its place.
6. When Bill was young he lived in the country on his parents farm.
7. Sam met his friends at Red Square.
8. I’d like to take you to London Zoo.
9. The Browns are taking train for Glasgow.
10. What was the weather like at the weekend.
В каждом из этих предложений есть ошибка. Перепиши предложения правильно.
1. How many letters did you write yesterday?
2. Can James speak Russian?
3. Are you going to see the Tower of London?
4. My parents and I usually go to the country by car.
5. I’d like to go to the Bolshoi Theatre soon.
6. James spoke to me in English and I understood him.
7. How often do you do your room?
8. The children saw a lot of interesting things in the London Museum.
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