Афанасьева, 6. Unit 2. Step 1

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Прочитай текст и скажи, какие фразы после текста соответствуют его содержанию, а какие — нет. Используй слова “Yes” и “No”.
1. No. She has a husband and two children.
2. Yes. He is a doctor.
3. Yes. She is a school teacher.
4. No. Sally can play the piano, but not very well.
5. Yes. She loves singing and sings very well.
6. No. She teaches at school on Tuesday and Thursday.
7. No. They like going to the cinema, to the park, to the zoo or to the swimming bath.
8. Yes. They are very good friends.
Напиши буквами слова, данные в транскрипции.
television husband children swimming bath cinema zoo daughter
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