Афанасьева, 6. Unit 2. Step 4

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Выбери один из двух вариантов в скобках, чтобы закончить эти отрицательные предложения.
1. Му friend doesn’t play the piano.
2. We don’t play football in the gym.
3. I don’t have brothers or sisters.
4. These children don’t go to school. They are young.
5. Mary doesn’t run in the park in the morning.
6. Chicks don’t fly.
7. Mum doesn’t speak English.
8. Dad doesn’t sing well.
9. Cows don’t swim very well.
10. Tim doesn’t live in Paris. He lives in Leeds.
Посмотри на рисунки (стр. 48) и перепиши предложения, вставив в них нужные имена.
1. Kate likes birds but doesn’t like cats.
2. Jane doesn’t like music. She likes sport.
3. Mary doesn’t like dogs and cats but she likes cars and bikes.
4. Ann doesn’t like music but she likes cars and bikes.
Прочитай текст и заполни таблицу после него.
1. Do the Barkers live in Scotland?
1. No, they don’t.
2. Do their pets live in their house?
2. Yes, they do.
3. Does John feed Chase?
3. Yes, he does.
4. Does Sally feed Chase?
4. No, she doesn’t.
5. Can John ride his bike?
5. Yes, he can.
6. Does Chase like bones?
6. Yes, it does.
7. Does Smokey like bones?
7. No, it doesn’t.
8. Do John and Sally have a cousin?
8. Yes, they do.
9. What is her name?
9. Her name is Mary.
10. Is she from London?
10. No, she is not.
Напиши эти слова буквами.
bear, teddy, bear, chair, hair, airport, parents, Mary, their
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