Афанасьева, 6. Unit 4. Step 3

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Закончи эти предложения с помощью местоимений в нужной форме.
1. Tom doesn’t like Jerry. Jerry doesn’t like Tom. They are not friends.
2. Please, take this apple — I don’t like them.
3. Sam’s father is forty-four. His father is a bus driver. He drives buses.
4. Hello! Where are you? I don’t see you!
5. We see Mary We see her in the garden but she doesn’t see us.
6. Where is your new house, Dan??
7. Sam likes computers. Show him your new computer, please.
8. We have a new pupil in our class. Her name is Liz. We like her.
9. Mrs Wilson has three children. She often takes them to the zoo.
10. Happy birthday, mum. I love you.
11. Our father sometimes takes us to the cinema.
12. Emma! Do you like music? — Yes, I do. I like music very much.
Kate со своими друзьями играет в игру “Найди мою игрушку”. Напиши вопросы, которые задает Kate своим друзьям, пытаясь угадать, где медвежонок.
1. Is my teddy bear near the chair?
2. Is my teddy bear on the chair?
3. Is my teddy bear behind the chair?
4. Is my teddy bear in front of the chair?
5. Is my teddy bear on the left of the chair?
6. Is my teddy bear on the right of the chair?
7. Is my teddy bear under the chair?
Mr Finn, школьный учитель, каждое утро проводит перекличку. Напиши вопросы учителя и ответы учеников.
1. — Is Jack here?
— Yes, he is.
2. — Is Anne here?
— No, she isn’t.
3. — Is Emma here?
— Yes, she is.
4. — Is Lizzy here?
— No, she isn’t.
5. — Is Katie here?
— Yes, she is.
6. — Is Nick here?
— Yes, he is.
7. — Is Fred here?
— Yes, he is.
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