Афанасьева, 6. Unit 4. Step 4

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Найди восемь ребятишек, играющих в прятки в саду.
One boy is in the tree.
Two girls are behind the tree.
One boy is under the bench.
One girl is behind the bench.
Two boys are in the window.
Посмотри на картинку и скажи, что в этом доме находится наверху, а что внизу.
The kitchen is downstairs.
The bedrooms are upstairs.
The bathroom is upstairs.
The living-room is downstairs.
Прочитай текст и выбери правильный вариант из двух предложенных.
1. Houses in England often have two floors.
2. The kitchen is usually downstairs.
3. The bedrooms are usually upstairs.
4. In England they like gardens.
5. You can see beautiful flowers in the gardens.
6. In England streets are often narrow.
7. They say, “My house is my castle.”
Прочитай письмо, которое написала своей бабушке девочка по имени Магу, заменяя картинки словами.
Dear Granny,
I like our new house and my bedroom. It’s a big room. I have a yellow bed, and a green sofa in my room. I have no big table, but I have a small table near the window and next to it an old armchair. My desk is next to the bed and my sofa is next to the door. The desk is at the window too. I have two windows in my bedroom. My toys, old and new, are in the cupboard. You can see a map and a shelf on the wall. My old books are on the shelf and my new children’s books are in the bookcase. I have no computer or television in my bedroom. They are in our living room.
Напиши те слова, вместо которых в письме Mary даются картинки (задание 8).
house bed table window yellow sofa table armchair
Составь из этих слов и напиши шесть вопросов.
1. Do you have a cupboard?
2. What colour is your table?
3. Where is your bookcase?
4. Is your parents’ bedroom downstairs or upstairs?
5. Does your brother like his sofa?
6. Do you live in a flat or a house?
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