Афанасьева, 6. Unit 5. Step 4

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Посмотри на эти незавершенные рисунки и угадай, что делают изображенные на них люди.
1. She is playing the piano.
2. He is driving the car.
3. He is riding a horse.
4. He is taking shower.
5. He is playing football.
6. She is writing on the blackboard.
7. She is washing the plates.
8. He is watching television.
Прочитай текст “Му New School'” и скажи, почему Мэри нравится школьный сад и где находится ее класс.
1) They have a lot of flowers and green trees in the school garden. They like to sit on the green grass under the trees when their classes finish. Sometimes they have lunch in the garden.
2) Mary’s classroom is downstairs near the gym.
Посмотри на картинки и скажи, что в данный момент делают и чего не делают дети.
Jim is swimming. Не is not feeding his cat.
Betty is not reading. She is singing.
Ann is writing. She is not playing on the computer.
Bob and David are not watching television. They are playing tennis.
Kate is not sleeping. She is eating.
Emma is cooking. She is not driving her car.
Polly and Rose are not riding their bikes. They are riding a horse.
Harry is counting. He is not writing on blackboard.
В этом доме живет Mr Wilson. Попробуй угадать, чем он сейчас занимается.
1. Is Mr Wilson taking a shower?
2. Is Mr Wilson having breakfast?
3. Is Mr Wilson dressing?
4. Is Mr Wilson reading a book?
5. Is Mr Wilson watching television?
6. Is Mr Wilson feeding his cat?
7. Is Mr Wilson cooking lunch?
8. Is Mr Wilson listening to music?
9. Is Mr Wilson playing ping-pong?
10. Is Mr Wilson washing the plates?
Закончи описания действий героев, изображенных на картинке, и напиши полученные предложения.
1. He’s reading a book.
2. She is sitting a chair.
3. He is having a bath.
4. She is closing the door.
5. They’re riding their bikes.
6. They are running in the park.
7. They are watching television.
8. They are playing football.
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