Афанасьева, 6. Unit 6. Step 2

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Выбери и прочитай только верные предложения.
This is Mr Jeff Collins.
1. He is a general.
2. It’s half past seven.
3. Jeff Collins is on the plane.
4. Jane is saying to Mr Collins, “Is this your bag?”
5. The general is saying, “No, it’s not.”
6. Mr Jeff Collins is drinking.
7. He is looking at Jane.
8. He is listening to Jane.
9. Jane is saying, “Are you fine?”
10. Jeff Collins is saying, “I’m OK, thank you.”
Закончи предложения, вставляя в них необходимые по смыслу вопросительные слова из рамки.
1. Where is the teddy bear? — It’s on the sofa.
2. When does Rob get up? — At seven o’clock, I think.
3. Why do you come here? — I like this family and their house.
4. What colour is the blackboard in your classroom? — It’s green.
5. Who is your teacher? — Mr Sam Richards.
6. What do you see in the picture? — A beautiful garden with a lot of flowers.
Построй предложения из этих частей и напиши их.
1. Where is Mark standing?
2. Who is playing the piano?
3. Are the girls swimming or running?
4. What film is Ben watching?
5. Are you cooking or eating?
6. What is Sam drinking?
Выбери и выпиши me слова, которые являются лишними для каждого ряда.
1. soup
2. egg
3. pizza
4. kitchen
5. yogurt
6. port
7. salad
Напиши правильно названия напитков и еды.
coke soup sandwich
salad orange hamburger
coffee pizza chocolate
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