Афанасьева, 6. Unit 7. Step 2

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Выбери правильную форму глагола, чтобы закончить эти предложения.
1. There are two schools and a hotel in Apple Street.
2. There is a garage and a zoo in my street.
3. There are three hotels and an airport in our town.
4. There is a park and a lot of gardens in this old town.
5. There are a lot of shops and a swimming bath in Green Street.
6. There are two cinemas and a caffi in John’s street.
7. There is a bus stop and a pet shop in front of Jane’s house.
Jeff и John провели сегодняшний день гораздо удачнее вчерашнего. Скажи, что происходило с ними вчера.
1. But yesterday they were sad.
2. But yesterday he was tired.
3. But yesterday they were hungry.
4. But yesterday he was thirsty.
5. But yesterday he was hot.
6. But yesterday he was cold.
7. But yesterday they were ill.
А. Скажи, в какое время года родились эти известные люди.
1. Yuri Gagarin’s birthday is in spring. He was born is spring.
2. Alexander Pushkin’s birthday is in summer. He was born in summer.
3. Mikhail Glinka’s birthday is in summer. He was born in summer.
4. Lev Tolstoy’s birthday is in autumn. He was born in autumn.
5. Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday is in spring. She was born in spring.
6. William Shekespeare’s birthday is in spring. He was born in spring.
7. Charles Dickens’ birthday is in winter. He was born in winter.
8. Winston S. Churchill’s birthday is in autumn. He was born is autumn.
Скажи, где были Баркеры в указанное время.
Margaret Barker was at the cinema yesterday night.
Sally Barker was on the farm last Wednesday.
Mary Barker was at school three days ago.
Tom and Meg Barker were in Scotland last month.
Hany and Margaret were in France last year.
The Barkers were in Italy last autumn.
Chase was in the park yesterday.
Перепиши эти предложения, выбрав нужную форму глагола to be (am, is, are, was, were)
1. Last Monday Tom was at the cinema.
2. Where is Jane now?
3. My friends and I were in the garden two days ago.
4. Yesterday I was in a caffi with my parents.
5. Bob and Ted are from India.
6. There are a lot of sweets in the shop yesterday.
8. I am a pupil, I go to school.
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