Афанасьева, 6. Unit 7. Step 5

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Прочитай текст о том, как the Barkers провели выходные дни, и 1) выбери из него все глаголы в прошедшем времени (кроме глагола to be [was/were]); 2) подбери подходящее название к каждой части текста.
Played, joined, jumped, walked, watched.
I. c) The weather at the weekend.
II. a) The Barkers in the park.
III. b) The Barkers at home.
Прочитай текст из задания 7 еще раз и закончи эти предложения.
1. Last weekend was nice.
2. That day Sally and John played with their bah.
3. Chase joined them.
4. Mr and Mrs Barker walked near the lake under the tall trees and watched the eater birds.
5. At five o’clock the Barkers were at home.
6. In the evening the Barkers played lotto and after that watched a new film on television.
Распредели эти г/гаголы в прошедшем времени на три колонки, в зависимости от того, как произносится (читается) окончание -ed.
[d] listened opened loved enjoyed cleaned smiled played joined lived
[t] walked looked cooked thanked worked watched kissed helped
[id] hated counted
Выполни задание 6 письменно. Пользуясь данными словосочетаниями, расскажи о том, что ты делал в прошлые выходные дни.
Last weekend I played with my friends.
Last weekend I walked with my dog.
Last weekend I washed cups and plates.
Last weekend I cleaned my room.
Last weekend I played on the computer.
Last weekend I helped my mother about the house.
Last weekend I played the piano.
Last weekend I cooked a nice lunch.
Last weekend I worked in the garden.
Last weekend I walked in the park.
Last weekend I listened to music.
Last weekend I watched a new film on television.
Last weekend I enjoyed a good book.
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