Афанасьева, 6. Unit 8. Step 2

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Посмотри на картинки и скажи:
а) во сколько начались вчера занятия у девочек.
Emma’s classes began at eight.
Betty’s classes began at a quarter past eight.
Lizzy’s classes began at half past eight.
b) что они ели на обед.
Emma ate fish for lunch.
Betty ate porridge for lunch.
Lizzy ate vegetables for lunch.
c) что они пили вечером.
Emma drank milk in the evening.
Betty drank orange juice in the evening.
Lizzy drank mineral water in the evening.
d) где они читали книги.
Emma read her book in the kitchen.
Betty read her book in the class.
Lizzy read her book in the garden.
e) где они писали письма.
Emma wrote a letter in her bedroom.
Betty wrote a letter in the class.
Lizzy wrote a letter in the living-room.
f) что они подарили своей подруге Alice на день рождения
Emma gave Alice a doll.
Betty gave Alice a book.
Lizzy gave Alice a rose.
Используя глаголы в скобках в прошедшем времени, напиши, как провел Teddy Ross свои прошлые каникулы.
Teddy’s last holidays were very interesting. He went to Russia. He travelled there by plane, by train and by car. He walked a lot and saw a lot. He liked Moscow very much. He visited a lot of museums, parks, cinemas and theatres. He began to understand Russian and decided to learn it.
Строчки из двух писем перепутались в компьютере. Напиши эти два письма, как они были задуманы.
Last summer I visited Italy. It was very hot there but I liked Rome very much. I decided to go to Italy next summer again.
Last summer I visited Finland. It was very cold in Helsinki, windy and rainy. I can’t say I liked the country very much.
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