Афанасьева, Михеева, 3. Рабочая тетрадь, Unit 5. Шаг 7

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Послушай и отметь произнесенные предложения.
1) b;
2) b;
3) а;
4) b;
5) а.
Посмотри и напиши, что Кейт и Дэн делают.
— On Monday Kate and Dan read books.
— On Monday they ride their bikes.
— On Tuesday they sing songs.
— On Wednesday they run in the park.
— On Thursday they play tennis.
— On Friday they ride horses.
— On Saturday they study English.
Выбери правильную форму глагола.
Today is my birthday and I am very happy. I have very good presents: a new football and three new video games. My presents are in my bedroom now. My parents, friends and I am at table. I see nine candles on the table. My mum says, “Happy birthday, son! Be happy! I say, “Thank you, mum.” My parents and friends sing a Happy birthday song. I like my birthday.
Сделай подписи к картинкам.
1) snail;
2) present;
3) candle;
4) coins;
5) tail;
6) toys;
7) pointer;
8) table;
9) house.
Найди названия дней недели.
Sunday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
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