Афанасьева, Михеева, 3. Учебник, Часть 2. Unit 7. Шаг 7, страница 52

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Обзор раздела 7

Послушай и скажи, какую фразу из двух, произносят.
1 b,
2 b,
3 a,
4 a,
5 b,
6 b,
7 а.
Послушай и закончи предложения.
Polly Young loves her parents and his friends. She likes to skate and she doesn’t like to swim. She doesn’t like to go to the shops. She hates to go to the shops.
Прочитай и озаглавь текст.
Mary is a pupil from Australia.
1) Магу lives in Australia.
2) She is twelve.
3) Yes, she does.
4) Yes, she does.
5) Yes, they are.
6) They teach their pupils to speak French.
7) Yes, she does.
8) Her desk is by the window.
9) No, I can’t.
10) She has four pets: a dog, a cat and two birds.
Прочитай тексты и подбери к каждому заголовок.
I. Good Brother — 1 текст.
II. Happy Woman — 3 текст.
III. Mother and Son — 2 текст.
Послушай и расскажи о Джерри Картер.
1) His name is Jerry Carter.
2) He lives in Leeds.
3) He’s ten.
4) He goes to school.
5) He has a lot of friends.
6) His mother and father are doctors.
7) He has a little brother.
8) He likes to play football.
9) He likes to ride his new bike.
10) He doesn’t like to play ping-pong.
Скажи по-английски о себе.
My name is Nick. I am nine and I’m a schoolboy. I go to school and I have a lot of friends at school. I like to play football, tennis but I don’t like to run and jump. I like horses but I can’t ride them. I have a family, it’s not big. I have a father and a mother. I have a little sister, her name is Nina. I love her. I can ride a bike very well. I like to go to the park on Sundays and play with my pet, a dog. His name is Rex. I don’t like to go to the cinema and i hate to go to the shops. I love my family. We are happy.
Выполни задания 1-5 в рабочей тетради.
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