Афанасьева, Михеева, 3. Учебник, Часть 2. Unit 8. Шаг 1., страница 57

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Послушай и скажи, что не соответствует тому, что ты услышал. Исправь их.
3) No, Chase isn’t ten, it’s five.
5) No, Chase doesn’t have a short tail, it has a long tail.
6) No, Chase isn’t weak, it is strong.
7) No, Smokey isn’t black, it is grey.
9) No, Betty doesn’t hate her animals, she loves them.
Заверши предложения.
1) Woman, man;
2) men and women;
3) mice;
4) geese, goose;
5) children;
6) child;
7) mouse.
Работа с аудиозаписью.
Работа с аудиозаписью.
Опиши лето и осень.
— It is summer. The sky is blue. You can see green trees, bright flowers. The flowers are yellow, red, blue, orange and pink. The days are long and the nights are short. The children are happy, they play games in the parks, in the street and by the lake. Birds sing their nice songs.
— It is autumn. The sky is grey and blue. You can see yellow, brown and red trees. The flowers are blue, red and purple. The days are not long. The nights are not short. The children go to the woods. Birds don’t sing their songs.
Выполни задания 1-5 в рабочей тетради.
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