Афанасьева, Михеева, 3. Учебник, Часть 2. Unit 8. Шаг 7, страница 79

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Обзор раздела 8

Послушай и скажи, о каких временах года говорится.
Winter, summer.
А. Послушай и расскажи о членах семьи Уиллоу.
Linda and Steve Willow have a big family. They are: their parents, Mr. and Mrs Willow, their grandmother, old Mrs Willow, their big sisters, Jane and May, and their little brothers, Rob and Bob. The Willows live in Britain, in a small town near Leeds. On weekdays Linda and Steve go to school, they are pupils. They love their school, their friends and their teachers. Jane and May are students. They go to Leeds in the morning on Monday. But they are with their family at weekend.
В. Скажи, что не соответствует тексту.
1) , 2), 4), 5), 8).
Прочитай текст и ответь на вопросы.
1) William is ап English boy.
2) Не lives in Britain.
3) His family is not very big.
4) His father is a farmer and his mother is a teacher.
5) William is twelve.
6) His birthday in summer.
7) Yes, they do.
8) No, they don’t.
9) Yes, he does.
10) Yes, he is.
Узнайте о своем собеседнике.
— How old are you?
— Where are from?
— What season is your birthday in?
— What month is your birthday in?
— What season do you like?
— What do you like to do in this season?
Сравни два времени года.
Late spring is warm and pleasant. The sky is blue. Days are long and nights are short. Birds sing their nice songs. We can see flowers and green trees. Children like late spring. They can play in the parks and in the streets.
Расскажи о своем любимом времени года.
I like winter. The streets, parks and trees are white in winter. I can skate, ski and play hockey with my friends. I like to go to school in winter. I like my friends and teachers.
Выполни задания 1-5 в рабочей тетради.
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