Афанасьева, Михеева, 5. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Контрольные задания раздела 7

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Перепиши рассказ молодого спортсмена по имени Roy, заменяя картинки словами.
Hi! I’m Roy. I’m a footballer. I run in the park in the morning. I jump at the lake and I swim. In the afternoon I ride a horse. In the evening I sing and read books.
Сделай подписи под этими картинками.
1 strong
2 thin
3 fat
4 tall
5 short
6 clean
7 young
8 old
Напиши, что есть и чего нет у этих людей.
1 Diana has a cat. She has no dog.
2 Pete and Roy have cars. They have no bikes.
3 Sally has a doll. She has no ball.
4 Mr and Mrs Hogg have roses. They have no tulips.
5 The students have mugs. They have no cups.
6 The teacher has books. He has no bag.
7 Her dad has a hat. He has no cap.
8 The farmer has a cow. He has no horse.
Прочитай ответы и допиши вопросы, которые были заданы новой ученице по имени Diana.
1 What is your name?
2 How old are you?
3 Where are you from?
4 Where are you now?
5 What’s you telephone number?
6 What’s your address?
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