Афанасьева, Михеева, 5. Раздел 8. Рабочая тетрадь 2. Упражнения. Steps 43—48

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Прочитай тексты, подбери и напиши к ним заголовки.
1 His Pets.
2 Our Doctor.
3 His week.
Прочитай сначала существительные в единственном числе, а потом во множественном. Напиши их, разделив на две группы.
1 Ед. ч: day, coin, afternoon, ice-cream, doctor, night, pound.
2 Мн. ч: clouds, players, blouses, houses, mice, painters, faces, cages, speakers, mornings, dollars, pages, songs.
Скажи, что ответили на вопросы эти люди, и напиши их ответы.
1 Yes, I am.
2 No, we aren’t.
3 No, I’m not.
4 Yes, we are.
5 No, we aren’t.
6 No, we aren’t.
7 Yes, I am.
8 Yes, we are.
9 No, we aren’t.
10 No, I’m not.
11 Yes, I am.
12 Yes, we are.
Прочитай текст и выпиши из него те предложения, в которых говорится, почему великану не нравится Флорида.
Не likes cold days and cold nights, but he is hot in Florida. He is hot in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Jack is thirsty. He likes tea, nice black tea. But tea is not hot in Florida. It is cold. It is iced tea.
Раздели эти слова в соответствии с тем, как в них произносится буква “g”, и напиши их.
g = [ɡ]: frog, goose, big, girl, flag, bag, green, dog, hungry, singer;
g = [dʒ]: cage, page, general, giant, gym, sledge.
Перепиши предложения, выбрав правильную форму глагола.
1 Jack likes strong hot tea.
2 Rob and Meg like sweet cold ice-cream.
3 My dad runs in the park in the morning.
4 Our teacher plays football.
5 My granny and my mum cook in the afternoon.
6 These pupils read English books.
7 Polly sees five grey mice in the cage.
8 Kate and Sally kiss their mum good night.
9 The little dog plays under the trees.
10 Mr Green and Mrs Green ride their bikes in the evening.
Перепиши предложения, выбрав правильную форму глагола be.
1 His dad is not a pupil, he is a farmer.
2 Jack and Fred are very good football players.
3 These students are happy: they are in Rome.
4 I am not a doctor, I am a teacher.
5 The tree is old and very tall.
6 I am your teacher, nice to meet you.
7 Her room is big and clean, I like her room.
8 This tea is very hot.
9 The red roses are very nice and the white roses are nice too.
10 The pink blouse is very big and the yellow blouse is very small.
Напиши буквами те слова, которые даны в транскрипции.
a) a big cloud
green trees
a grey goose
small houses
cold ice-cream
little birds
a red cup
seek boys
b) mouse
Допиши предложения.
a) Jack is a doctor.
Peggy is a painter.
Linda is a nurse.
Jenny is a singer.
Tom is a farmer.
Kathie is a student.
am is a pupil.
Justin is a tennis player.
b) Bob is thirsty.
Nancy is hungry.
Roy is seek.
Diana is happy.
Melissa is hot.
William is sad.
Sandy is tired.
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