Афанасьева, Михеева, 5. Учебник. Step 31

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А. Прочитай ответы и задай вопросы о людях из задания 2 А.
1 — Where is Dan Scott from? — He is from Florida.
2 — Where is Lizzy Finn from? — She is from London.
3 — Where is Will Smith from? — He is from Rome.
4 — Where are Jim Ross and Ted Hogg from? — They are from Glasgow.
5 — Where are Kate Green and Dolly Griffin from? — They are from Bristol.
Допиши следующие предложения, используя слова в рамочке.
1 Ann has a doll. It is her doll.
2 Bob and Jack have a bike. It is their bike.
3 We have a car. It is our car.
4 I have a pet. It is my pet.
5 Dan has a cat. It is his cat.
6 The dog has a bone. It is its bone.
7 You have a pen. It is your pen.
Have или has?
1 Lizzy has a doll. Wendy has three dolls. They have four dolls.
2 Pete has two dogs and Jim has two dogs. They have four dogs.
3 I have three big cats and Jane has three little cats. We have six cats.
4 Nick and Dick have a bike. They have one bike.
5 Kate has seven books. You have seven books, Kate!
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