Афанасьева, Михеева, 5. Учебник. Step 42

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Закончи подписи под этими картинками, воспользуйся словами в рамочке.
1 Jim Brown is very old.
2 Tommy is not old, he is young.
3 My street is long.
4 Don is small and short.
5 Sally is a fat old cat.
6 Our teacher is thin.
7 Fred is very strong.
8 Andy is not strong, he is weak.
9 The door is narrow.
10 This is a tall tree.
Закончи рифмовку, называя изображенные на картинках предметы.
This and That.
This is a small snail.
That is a white sail.
This is a short nail.
That is a long tail.
This is a small ball.
That is a big window.
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