Афанасьева, Михеева, 5. Учебник. Step 49

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Прочитай текст про себя, а потом вслух и закончи его.
What colour is winter? Winter is white. The streets, the trees and houses are white in winter. The sky is grey and dark. Days and nights are cold. Pupils are very busy. In the morning and in the afternoon they read, write, count and speak English. Their teachers are very busy too.
Выбери правильный вариант и скажи, какие профессии у этих людей.
1 Mr James Cook is a farmer.
2 Mark and Willy are pilots.
3 Jane Smith and her mum are teachers.
4 Charles Wing is a painter.
5 Kate Clover is a nurse.
6 Bob and Jim are cooks.
Замени выделенные слова нужными местоимениями и напиши предложения.
1 Ann Finn has a pet. Her pet is a cat, Pussy. It is a fine cat.
2 Mr Lee is from Italy. He is from Rome.
3 Kim and Jane are in Scotland. They are on the farm.
4 Betty Smith is a very good teacher. She is from London. It is green and nice.
5 Alice and Ben are doctors. They are good doctors.
Посмотри на рисунок и напиши, кто что любит.
Mr Reed likes football.
The twins like toys.
Ann and Alice like cats.
Kathie likes roses.
Don likes horses.
Jane likes cars.
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