Афанасьева, Михеева, 6. Book. Lesson 10

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How long her reign was!
What an exciting trip it will be!
It is such a silly thing to destroy the world!
It is so old!
They are so brave and desperate!
No wonder they are such beantiful areas!
How vivid it is!
What an awful fact it is!
1) I want mother to make me a cup of tea.?
2) I don’t want father to wait for me after classes.
3) I would like my friend to play football with me.
4) I expect him to come home soon.
5) I don’t expect her to go to Scotland.
6) I don’t want them to take me to Britain.
7) I would like us to go to the baker’s.
8) I want you to phone me at five.
9) I expect her to help me with Text 1.
1) My parents don’t want me to tell lies.
2) My parents want me to come home on time.
3) My parents don’t want me to smoke cigarettes.
4) My parents want me to help other people.
5) My parents want me to eat more fruit.
1) My teachers don’t expect me to be too noisy.
2) My teachers expect me to read a lot.
3) My teachers expect me to keep the environment clean.
1) I would like my fiends to be honest and brave.
2) I would like my friends to go with me to the disco.
3) I would like my friends to spend more time together.
1. Nobody wants him to do all this work alone.
2. I expect your friends to help you to make the map of British Isles.
3. Alice would like teachers to be kind.
4. Little Red Riding Hood didn’t expect the wolf to run to Granny’s house.
5. We wanted you to feel comfortable.
6. She wouldn’t like us to give her advice.
7. I don’t expect them to return soon: it’s a long way.
8. My parents don’t want me to read in bed.
9. Children would like him to show them a new film.
10. I don’t want her to make this mistake one more time.
1) teenager
2) deer
3) stupid
4) twins
5) banks
6) thief
7) scream
8) poetry
1) A pilot flies a plane. A dressmaker makes dresses.
2) A baker sells loafs. A journalist writes for a newspaper.
3) A greengrocer sells vegetables and fruit. A doctor cures people.
4) A teacher teaches children. A writer writes novels, stories.
5) An actor plays in a theatre. A glovemaker makes gloves.
6) A shoemaker makes shoes. A football player plays professional football.
a) Напишите вместе подходящие по смыслу слова.
Wicked witch; Twin sister; Exact time; Top shelf; Loud scream; Teenager boy.
b) Составьте свои собственные предложения со словарными сочетаниями, которые вы сделали.
How does wicked witch differ from a good one?
I didn’t know that she had a twin sister.
My clock shows the exact time.
This book lies on my top shelf.
He made a loud scream.
He is a teenager boy.
Дополните предложения. Вставьте as, at, on, against, for если необходимо.
1) against
2) as
3) on
4) at
5) on
6) —
7) as
8) for
Назовите 3 вещи, которые могут быть плохими, 2 вещи, которые могут быть точными, 2 вещи, которые могут быть преступными.
1) selfishness, cruelty, lie
2) time, science
3) murder, theft
1) to, to
2) –
3) to, to
4) to, to, to
5) to, –
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