Афанасьева, Михеева, 6. Book. Lesson 16

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1) I wouldn’t like to enter this college. I would like to look for another one. I would like to look for it next week.
2) I don’t expect you to finish the job. I expect to finish it by myself. I expect to finish it tomorrow.
3) I don’t want to write a letter to John. I want you to write to him. I want you to write to him this evening.
4) I don’t expect to look after Nelly’s cat. I expect Nelly to look after him. I expect her to look after it, because this is a cat of her own.
5) I wouldn’t like to invite Stephen to our party. I would like him to stay at home. I would like him to stay at home because he is such a wicked boy.
6) I don’t want to pay for the ticket. I want my sister to pay for it. I want my sister to pay for it because she has much more money than I have.
1) I noticed Susie passing our school across the road yesterday.
2) I heard David playing rock music in his garage the day before yesterday.
3) I watched Chris climbing that dangerous hill in the country on Monday.
4) I saw Peter speaking to Mark in the schoolyard this morning.
5) I watched Betty put a white dress on her doll in my home last Wednesday.
1. Let us stay with you.
2. We expect our parents to come back early.
3. I wouldn’t like you to drink a glass of milk.
4. I heard someone ringing at the door.
5. We watched the ducklings swimming in the river.
6. I want my brother to enter Moscow University.
7. I noticed Nikolay sleeping in the chair.
8. I heard doctor Smith playing the violin.
9. We expect spring to come soon.
Сверьте формы и значения неправильных глаголов и дополните таблицу.
1) become, became, — , becoming
2) shine, — , shone, shining
3) — , thought, thought, thinking
4) smell, smelt, smelt, —
5) — , flew, flown, flying
6) wear, — , worn, wearing
7) rise, rose, — , rising
8) —, lay, lain, lying
9) cost, cost, cost, —
10) throw, — , thrown, throwing
11) — , stole, stolen, stealing
12) catch, — , caught, catching
Посмотрите на картинки и скажите, что произошло до того, как Алекс вернулся домой из школы.
1) Bob had cleaned the flat with a vacuum-cleaner before Alex came back home from school.
2) Mother had cooked dinner.
3) Granny had bought some food.
4) Father had washed his car.
5) Fred had ridden his motorbike.
6) Caroline and Ann had fed the chickens.
7) Uncle Rodger had brought a computer.
8) Frieda had watered the flowers.
1) Her cousins had grown to young ladies.
2) A new school had appeared near her house.
3) The roads had become wider than formerly.
4) The streets had become cleaner.
5) The shops had got more modern.
5) A lot of Japanese cars had appeared on the streets.
Используйте слова из упр. 11 и упр. 12, чтобы дополнить предложения.
1) waterways
2) canoe
3) beach, beach
4) mixture
5) attractions
6) melt
7) rises
8) shore
9) shore
10) beach
11) mighty
12) chain
millions of letters, thousands of questions, hundreds of lakes, mil-lions of faces, thousands of smiles, hundreds of voices.
five hundred words, six thousand houses, seven million trees, three hundred balls, eight hundred toys, three million pounds, twenty seven thousand rubles, two hundred cities.
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