Афанасьева, Михеева, 6. Book. Lesson 18

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ran, took
had begun, was explaining
took, had never seen
was cleaning, came, shook
arrived, had finished
was doing, called, was cooking
got, had left, hadn’t seen
were having, had done
1. May I take off my sweater? It’s very hot outside.
2. As soon as the plane took off, my head began to ache awfully.
3. I want you to take down my new address.
4. All the children take after their father, all of them are merry and hardworking.
5. Please, take this book back to the neighbour, it’s her book.
6. This map on the wall is very old. Let’s take it down.
7. Please, take your toys away. It’s time to go to sleep.
1) There is not enough sugar in this cup of tea.
2) He did not do enough exercises.
3) The gardener didn’t have enough trees.
4) You don’t eat enough.
5) This house is big enough for the family to have their own rooms.
6) The boy is not strong enough to carry this box.
7) She knows English well enough to translate this difficult article.
1) … to do my homework.
2) … to contain all of them.
3) … they came.
4) . watch this movie.
5) … buy this car.
6) … play football with my friends
7) … chairs to place all of our pupils.
Does he trust her?
Has she measured it?
Did they shoot at it?
Did he retire?
1. Peter said that he never respected such people.
2. Nelly asked when grandfather would retire on a pension.
3. John wanted to know if my sister was shy.
4. Bob told me that he never lived in poverty before.
5. The children told father that they trusted their new friend.
6. Dan asked me to push his bicycle.
7. She said that she always tried to encourage her pupils.
8. Anna added that she had worked in hotel service for eight years.
9. Do you remember that I asked you not to shoot?
10. She said that she didn’t use this chance.
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