Афанасьева, Михеева, 6. Book. Lesson 20

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is thinking
are planting
is travelling
is beginning
are working
was doing
was playing
was watching
was looking
was decorating
was writing
will be doing
will be travelling
will be writing
will be waiting
won’t be playing
will be walking
will be playing
will be driving
1. On Sunday I’ll be cooking a holiday dinner.
2. We won’t be watching TV, we will be reading a new book in the evening.
3. We will be meeting mother at the station at 7 o’clock.
4. They won’t be having dinner, they will be waiting for you to come.
5. Tomorrow morning we will be planting flowers near the school.
6. The pupils of the six the grade won’t be writing a dictation at the next English lesson, they will be reading new texts.
7. Come to the meeting with this writer, he will be telling about his books.
8. What will you be doing tomorrow afternoon?
9. Will they be dancing after the concert?
10. Next year my elder brother will be studying French.
1. May I take all these plates and cups out? Help me please.
2. Never give up hope.
3. — Guess which of two cities — is the capital of Australia, Sidney or Canberra? — I don’t know. I give up. Tell me.
4. Why did you give away this magazine? I haven’t read it yet.
5. I gave up dancing when I was 10.
6. I can’t give up thought of going to London to see this city with my own eyes.
7. Katya has given back a book with stories, now you can take it.
8. Try one more time, don’t give up. You can do it.
most, least
least, most
am having
is smiling
will be doing, will tell
will be dancing, laughing and enjoying
will help
will be
were reading, rang
saw, were talking, were discussing
was going, didn’t know
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