Афанасьева, Михеева, 6. Book. Lesson 21

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1) As soon as the plane takes off he will be playing a computer game.
2) As soon as lunch is brought he will be eating.
3) As soon as the “no smoking” notice appears he will be sleeping.
4) As soon as the video is turned on he will be watching a film.
5) As soon as the plane starts landing he will be looking through the window.
1) The teacher asked me who inhabittd the territory of this huge country.
2) The citrus trees usually grow in the tropical climate, don’t they?
3) He wanted to know where they grow wheat in England.
4) This coast is famous for its vast beaches.
5) Of all the fruit I like pears least of all.
6) What English-speaking countries, except Britain and the USA, do you know?
7) What continents are situated in the north ern hemisphere?
8) What leading industrial countries can you hame?
1) Today people have got a lot of environmental problems.
2) She has canned a lot of fruit since August.
3) I have never seen hedges in Australia.
4) Mike was born in 1990 in London.
5) The Niagara Falls attract a lot of tourists every summer.
1) My sister usually borrows books from the local library.
2) They are both well educated.
3) People in many countries still live in poverty.
4) Real gentlemen always stand up when a woman comes in.
5) Mary Drake is just a congresswoman.
6) Have you ever seen skyscrapers?
7) Do they usually choose picturesque places for their picnics?
8) The climate here is also humid.
9) You can’t always see big crowds of people on this lonely beach.
10) Are they all fluent in English?
1) We made off very soon and left for a walk together.
2) He always makes up songs by himself, and then sings them by himself.
3) Won’t you help me? I can’t make out what’s written there.
4) She is very young. It will be hard to make her up as an old woman.
5) You made off so soon that I couldn’t say goodbye to you.
6) What did he say? I didn’t make out anything.
1) Grown-ups never smoke in my family.
2) My grandfather and grandmother retired on a pension recently.
3) It often rains in the isle of T asmania.
4) Я esterday I had a chance to ride a horse in the park.
5) Stepsons of Mr Brown have never lived in poverty.
6) They are both full of wisdom and kindness.
7) Sometimes I feel melancholy at home in the evenings.
8) Sometimes in the mornings my brother eats too much.
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