Афанасьева, Михеева, 6. Book. Lesson 22

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had, was, was, were, won, was reading, rang, got up, went, opened, saw, was, was holding, am selling, want, are, are, cut, bought, have, buying, have got, said, are, cut, are.
a) 1. I saw Anna laying the table.
2. We watched the children going surfing.
3. I want you to find a suitable place on the beach.
4. Don’t beat about the bush! I expect you to explain me everything.
5. Let me visit Australia, Daddy.
b) 1. Several nuclear stations were closed in the territory of Russia, because people thought they were dangerous.
2. The problems of the environmental pollution will be discussed at the conference in Melbourne.
3. The members of the royal family were invited to visit Russia again.
4. Mother said that the table will be laid in time.
5. This uninhabited land is seldom visited by the investigators.
1) … if they had heard anything of that mysterious Mr Hyde.
2) … if they had read May’s periodicals.
3) … she had received a lot of mail the day before.
4) … they should go to the opera house in two days.
5) … when had they sent a telegram to their uncle Peter.
6) … when they arrived in Sydney they would take a taxi.
7) … she was sure their would get over her pain in the leg.
8) … their elder cousin was nearly sixteen.
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