Афанасьева, Михеева, 6. Book. Lesson 8

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Посмотрите на компас и дайте название всем цифрам.
3) the east
5) the south
6) the south-west
7) the west
1) Its, its
2) Its
3) It’s, it’s
4) Its
5) Its
6) It’s
7) It’s
9) Its
Составьте 6 (3+3) предложений с its и it’s.
1) This film is famous for its actors.
2) I like this car for its safety.
3) People like to stay in/at this hotel because of its service.
4) It’s the most unbelievable thing I”ve heard.
5) It’s too late to go for a walk.
6) It’s her book, not mine.
Дайте английские эквиваленты:
1) a laughing girl,
2) playing children,
3) falling leaves,
4) a smiling woman,
5) a flying bird,
6) a swimming duck.
a) Девочка, говорящая с Томом; самолёт, летящий в небе; птица, поющая на дереве; восходящее солнце; дети, плавающие в море; заводы, производящие пищу; люди, живущие в городах.
b) The girl talking to Tom is his sister.
There were many clouds and we could not see the plane flying in the sky.
The bird singing in the tree is not a pigeon, dear.
Let’s get up early tomorrow and go and watch the rising sun.
The children swimming in the sea were laughing loudly.
Дайте английские эквиваленты:
a finished letter, a written poem, forgotten rule, a destroyed town, cooked dinner, a broken plate.
a) История, рассказанная моей бабушкой; фотографии, снятые в Лондоне; ошибки, допущенные в тесте; подарок, купленный для моего брата; обеды, приготовленные мамой; разрушенные замки; письма, полученные вчера.
1) I have brought you the pictures taken in London.
2) The teacher was surprised at Tim’s mistakes made in the test.
3) I can tell you the story told by my Granny.
4) Vegetables cooked by Mother are always tasty.
5) The letters received yesterday should be translated immediately.
1) shown
2) separating
3) called
4) built
5) brought
6) discovered
7) defending
8) living
Просмотрите ynp. 14, и ynp. 15 и выберите слова, подходящие к этим категориям:
a) places: lowlands, highlands, waterfall, birthplace, university, scenery, a plain, a meadow, a valley, a hedge, attract, flat.
b) People and their occupations: holiday-makers, pirates, ruler, to admire, to excite, exciting, attractive, rest, a shape, to connect, position.
Назовите 3 факта о каждом регионе в Англии, консультируйтесь с текстом только, если это необходимо.
1) The Southeast is a highly populated region of England. London, the capital of the UK, and such historical cities as Windsor, Dover and Brighton are situated there. Heathrow Airport, one of the world’s busiest airports, is also situated there.
2) The Southwest is a region where the main activity is farming. It is known for its pirates. The famous Stonehenge is situated there.
3) East Anglia has cities with fine historic cal buildings such as Cambridge. It is more than half surrounded by the sea. It used to be partially covered by the sea and now produces good harvest.
4) The Midlands are known as the heart of England. Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool and Birmingham are situated there. Stratford-upon-Avon and Oxford are also there.
5) The North of England has some of the wildest and loneliest parts of the country. This part of the country is rich in coal. The main attractions there are the Lake District, the cities of York and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Is, came, giving, talks, spent, exploring, been, got, was, reading, gave, looked, saw, admired, decided, becoming, went, felt, taken, spent, explored, been, been, go, starting, arriving, going, took, discovering, been.
a) 1. Oxford, an old English university town. It is situated in the Midlands to the north-west of London.
2. Sheffield is famous for its steel industry. It is situated to the west of Manchester.
3. Brighton is a resort town, situated in the south of England.
4. It’s very interesting to visit the county of Kent. Tourists always admire its wonderful gardens.
5. The Lake District of England is situated in the north-west of the country. It’s a very romantic place, famous for its valleys, mountains, lakes and waterfalls.
b) 1. The south-east of England is famous for its flat plains, where a lot of farms are situated.
2. Valleys and meadows always attract a lot of tourists.
3. Hedges in England divide fields.
4. English landscape is famous for its hedges and green meadows.
5. I admire people that travel, discover new lands and explore.
6. My father has already been to North Ireland, but he hasn’t seen other parts of Great Britain yet.
c) 1. What area of England is rich in coal?
2. Where do the famous resort towns of England situated?
3. Where were William Shakespeare and Oliver Cromvel born?
4. Why did roman ruler Hadrian order to build a wall in the north of England?
5. What cities of England are connected with English culture?
6. What area of England was covered with sea?
7. Why does the area of the southwest counties attract holidaymakers?
8. Does the airport of Heathrow situated far from London? How far?
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