Афанасьева, Михеева, 6. Book. Lesson 9

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1. What dry weather!
2. What important news!
3. What a bitter orange!
4. What an exciting thought!
5. What beautiful long hair!
6. What fresh vegetables!
7. What a big potato!
8. What a sweet carrot!
9. What an unusual landscape!
10. What wet climate!
1) I can buy fish at the fishmonger’s.
2) I can buy flour at the grocer’s.
3) I can buy a cake at the supermarket.
4) I can buy sour cream at the dairy.
5) I can buy potatoes at the greengrocer’s.
6) I can buy a loaf of bread at the supermarket.
7) I can buy beef at the butcher’s.
8) I can buy fresh milk at the dairy.
9) I can buy sausages at the butcher’s.
10) I can buy a carton of cream at the dairy.
11) I can buy a pound of bacon at the butcher’s.
12) I can buy a tin of fruit at the greengrocer’s.
1. The day was so exciting.
2. It is such a good idea.
3. Her health is so poor.
4. Life in the Highlands is so lonely.
5. The weather in Russia is becoming so changeable.
6. You shouldn’t make such silly jokes.
7. It’s such nasty weather today!
8. She spends a lot of money on such expensive books.
9. They have always so such happy together.
10. My baby brother is such a little dear.
1) reasons
2) crowns
3) reminds
4) character
5) politics
6) owns
7) residence
8) classical
9) reigns
10) touched
11) tragedy
12) official
1) Prince Henry is Lady Diana’s younger son.
2) Princess Anne is the Queen Mother’s granddaughter.
3) Princess Margaret is the Queen Mother’s daughter.
4) The Queen is Princess Anne’s mother.
5) Prince William is Prince Philip’s grandson.
6) The Queen is Princess Margaret’s sister.
7) Prince Henry is Princess Beatrice’s cousin.
8) Prince Andrew is Prince Edward’s brother.
b) 1) There are 17 members in the Windsor family.
2) No, not all of them are married.
3) The Queen has got six children.
4) The queen is married to prince Philip.
5) She has a sister, Princess Margaret.
6) Prince Charles is the Queen’s eldest child.
7) Prince Edward is the Queen’s youngest child.
8) Prince Charles and Lady Diana are their parents.
9) Prince Charles can be the next monarch after Queen Elizabeth.
1. What a beautiful procession! The people are so happy, their clothes are so bright.
2. How beautiful this world is!
3. My elder brother is so clever and kind!
4. What wonderful weather is today! The sky is so blue! And the sun is so warm!
5. How boring this film is, it is so long. I don’t like such films.
6. What a wide avenue and how green it is!
1. What palace is the official residence of the Queen?
2. Where does the London Zoo situated?
3. Who ruled England at the end of the XVI century?
4. Why was King Henrih VIII one of the important monarchs of Britain?
5. Whose government was the longest in the history of England?
6. When was the Spanish Armada defeated?
7. What museum in London is connected with the names of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert?
8. When did Queen Elizabeth II come to the throne?
9. What places in London remind us of the Royal Family?
10. Queen Elizabeth II is a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, isn’t it?
1) Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Queen.
2) Regent’s Park is the home of London Zoo.
3) King Henry VIII ruled England at the end of the XVI century.
4) Because under him Britain became independent of the Roman Catholic Church, it got richer and more powerful.
5) Queen Victoria government was the longest in the history of England.
6) During Queen Elizabeth’s reign the Spanish Armada was defeated.
7) The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London is connected with the names of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
8) Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1952.
9) There are many places in London reminding us of the royal family. There are royal palaces, royal parks, roads and streets where beautiful ceremonies are held. The most important building is Buckingham palace.
10) Yes it is, queen Elizabeth II is a granddaughter of Queen Victoria.
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