Афанасьева, Михеева, 6. Home reading. Lesson 1

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Разместите предложения в правильном порядке.
1) 6
2) 1
3) 2
4) 10
5) 7
6) 5
7) 8
8) 4
9) 3
10) 9
Исправьте предложения.
1) Linda was very happy when it began raining hard.
2) Linda wasn’t afraid of the coming storm.
3) Linda parents didn’t keep all their animals in the farmhouse.
4) The river wasn’t narrow and quiet during the rainstorm.
5) Linda slept in spite of the rain.
6) Isobel and her calf were swallowed by the river.
7) It took Linda’s mother a long time to make hot drinks for her husband and daughter.
8) Ted’s house was on high ground at the other side of the valley.
9) The rainstorm lasted for one day.
Ответьте на вопросы.
1) It was spring when it began raining hard.
2) Linda’s mother became angry because Lisa thought that there is nothing wrong in rainstorms.
3) They promised a rainstorm.
4) The river changed to a yellow hungry lion.
5) Dad and was driving the cows up to the house.
6) Cow Isobel was Linda’s pet.
7) The dining room was fool of animals and birds, some of the pigs were by the fireplace.
8) Mother put an arm around father and Linda and said that it might as bad as it looked. The water would go down soon.
9) It was Ted Jackson who saved Linda and her parents. He took them to his house in his boat.
10) She couldn’t believe that she was the same girl who asked God for a rainstorm and disaster.
Объясните почему:
Because of the math test.
Because they promised a rainstorm.
Because of the rain.
Because he howled very loudly.
Because of the math test.
Because everything was very wet.
Because the yellow hungry lion was starting to come into their house.
Because they didn’t have enough time.
Because Dad had to borrow money from the bank.
Because she saw that there was no good in rainstorms and disasters.
Шкалы для измерения температуры
Люди используют два типа термометров, для того чтобы определить температуру. Шкала Цельсия используется, в основном, в Европе. Это такая шкала, которая показывает, что вода замерзает при 0 градусов и кипит при 100 градусах. Она обозначается символом С. Например: “Температура все еще 21 градус С”. Но вы можете прочитать это двумя путями: либо “Это все еще 21 градус по 100 градусной шкале,” или “Это все еще 21 градус по Цельсию”.
В Америке используется другая шкала, для того, чтобы измерить температуру. Это шкала при которой вода замерзает при 32 и кипит при 212 градусах. Вы часто можете услышать такие фразы: “10 градусов по Цельсию. Сколько это по Фарингейту?” Ответ: 50. Посмотрите на таблицу и сравните две шкалы.
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