Афанасьева, Михеева, 6. Workbook. Lesson 1

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Напишите 10 предложений, чтобы описать картинку.
1) This family is travelling by train.
2) There are four members in this family: a boy, a girl, their fa-ther and a dog.
3) The father is reading a book.
4) The girl is eating an ice cream.
5) The boy is watching through the window.
6) The dog is sleeping under the table.
7) Their table is laid because there are a lot of fruit and drinks.
8) The weather is fine; though there are some clouds it’s quite sunny.
9) There is a plane flying behind the window.
10) They are passing a mountain chain.
Твой друг только что вернулся из деревни, где он провёл свои каникулы. Ты хочешь узнать как можно больше о его каникулах. Используй словарные сочетания из набора и напиши вопросы, которые ты можешь задать ему.
1) How often did you make a fire?
2) Did you build sandcastles?
3) Did you wear jeans and T-shirts when you went to play outside?
4) Did you stay much outdoors during your holidays?
5) Did you meet different people when you were in the country?
6) Did you have time to take little children to the zoo?
7) How many times a day did you have a swim?
8) Was the weather hot and sunny?
9) Did it rain a lot?
10) Did you read much in the evenings?
11) Did you help your parents to grow vegetables?
12) Did your parents want you to eat a lot of fruit?
13) Did you ride bicycles with your friends?
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