Афанасьева, Михеева, 6. Workbook. Lesson 3

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Просмотрите Упр. 10 в ваших учебниках и напишите список хобби типичных и для России и для Великобритании.
1) Doing crosswords
2) Walking
3) Listening to music
4) Taking photographs
5) Playing computer games
6) Reading
7) Going to the cinema
8) Playing football
9) Playing table games (cards, chess, etc.)
10) Fishing
11) Watching videos
Составьте свои собственные предложения, используя таблицу и напишите не меньше 10 своих собственных предложений.
1) The work must be completed soon.
2) This telegram ought to be sent today.
3) The film has to be watched in the evening.
4) The plants have to be watered this evening.
5) The dog should be fed in half an hour.
6) Dinner must be cooked in a few minutes.
7) The museum ought to be visited tomorrow.
8) The books must be returned to the library in time.
9) The dishes have to be washed as soon as possible.
10) The food ought to be bought soon.
11) The letter has to be written quickly.
12) The carpet must be cleaned today.
13) The wicked boy must be punished as soon as possible.
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