Афанасьева, Михеева, 6. Workbook. Lesson 8

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Напишите три серьезные причины, почему вам бы хотелось посетить:
a) The Southeast of England;
I would like to visit the Southeast of England, because of the county of Kent, which is known as the garden of England, because it produces a lot of fruit and vegetables which are eaten all over the country.
And of course Brighton, on the south coast, is a famous seaside resort. There are entertainments of all kinds there.
And after all there is Canterbury, a town in Kent. It is the religious capital of England because its cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury who is head of the Church of England.
b) The Southwest of England;
I would like to visit it because of the Stonehenge and Averbury, and the huge earth pyramid of Silbury. And of course because of Portsmouth and Southampton which are the homes of the Royal Navy.
c) East Anglia;
I would like to visit it because of Cambridge, Ely, Norwich, Peterborough and Colchester. And at the same time, it has many sandy beaches and inland waterways.
d) The Midlands;
I would like to visit it because of the Peak District National Park, the Cost Hills and the Malvern Hills. And of course, because of the Stratford-upon-Avon, which is famous all over the world as the birth-place of William Shakespeare.
e) The North of England;
I would like to visit it because of Northumbria, a region of great natural beauty. The Lake District, which is the central mountainous area of Cumbria in the Northwest and has some of England’s most beautiful scenery. And because of York which was the capital of a Viking kingdom.
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