Афанасьева, Михеева, 7, 3 год обучения. Учебник. Unit 1. Step 3

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Match the words.
do the city, leave the beach (hotel, city), to go on a trip, to write in a diary, play on the beach, swim in the sea, stay in the hotel, have fun.
Choose the right answer.
1. Do the children play volleyball in summer? — Yes, they do.
2. Does it often rain in autumn? — Yes, it does.
3. Do children often ride horses in towns and cities? — No, they don’t.
4. Do you have pets at home? — Yes, I do.
5. Do you have holidays in summer? — Yes, we do.
6. Does your father work on Sunday? — No, he doesn’t.
7. Does your mother work on Sunday? — Yes, she does.
9. Say what you didn’t do yesterday.
I didn’t swim in the sea yesterday.
I didn’t play on the beach yesterday.
I didn’t go London yesterday.
I didn’t stay at a hotel yesterday.
I didn’t make sandcastles yesterday.
I didn’t read French books yesterday.
I didn’t visit Trafalgar Square yesterday.
I didn’t go to the British Museum yesterday.
I didn’t go boating yesterday.
I didn’t stay at home all day yesterday.
I didn’t teach little children to swim.
Complete the sentences.
1. I did not usually go to bed late last winter.
2. Last summer my brother did not go to Italy
3. My little sister does not like porridge. She likes cornflakes.
4. They did not write a dictation last Thursday.
5. They do not go to school, they are very young.
6. The boys did not go fishing yesterday
Look at the pictures and write what the children did yesterday.
1. The children swam in the sea yesterday.
2. The children made sandcastles yesterday.
3. The children went boating yesterday.
4. The children played on the beach yesterday.
5. The children rode their bikes yesterday.
6. The children taught Billy to play football yesterday.
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