Афанасьева, Михеева, 7, 3 год обучения. Учебник. Unit 5. Step 5

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Correct some sentences.
1. If she plays the game …
2. … if it is very cold.
3. … the film is over.
4. After they buy the food …
5. Before summer comes …
6. When autumn begins …
Help Mrs. Green.
1. Shall I wash the car?
2. Shall I close the window?
3. Shall I wash the plates.
4. Shall I write the postcard?
5. Shall I buy the ticket.
6. Shall I go to the supermarket?
7. Shall I buy some vegetables and fruit?
Make up the questions.
1. Shall we have fish and chips or meat and vegetables?
2. Shall we go by bus or by taxi?
3. Shall we have tea or coffee?
4. Shall we go to the cinema or to the theatre?
5. Shall we watch TV or listen to the radio?
6. Shall we go to the beach or to the park?
Write the sentences differently.
1. after/as soon as
2. as soon as
3. after/as soon as/before
4. after/as soon as
5. after/as soon as
6. after/as soon as
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