Афанасьева, Михеева, 7, 3 год обучения. Учебник. Unit 6. Step 2

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When will Sally be able to do these?
Sally will be able to:
— drive a car when she is seventeen
— send a postcard to her granny when she goes to the post office
— go boating when they buy a boat
— ski in the mountains when they go to the Alps
— learn to swim when she spends some time near the sea
— buy souvenirs when she visits a gift shop
— visit the National Gallery when she goes to the centre of London
— leave for Moscow when she goes to Russia
— chat on line when she has a computer
Use must or mustn’t.
1. mustn’t
2. must
3. must
4. mustn’t
5. must
6. mustn’t
7. mustn’t
1. should
2. should
3. should
4. shouldn’t
5. should
6. shouldn’t
Use must or should to complete the sentences.
1. you should
2. you must
3. you should eat
4. you must/should look
5. you should
6. you must do
7. you must come
8. you should/must
9. you must/should read
10. you should buy
Write what Ted must or mustn’t do.
Ted must: help his granny, take his dog out, feed his pets, go shopping.
Ted mustn’t: walk on the grass in the park, listen to the radio in class, take photos in the museums, go to bed late, talk with his friend at the lesson.
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