Афанасьева, Михеева, 8. Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 1

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1. hairdresser/hair stylist 2. pharmacist 3. primary school teacher 4. Librarian
1. F; 2. T; 3. T; 4. T; 5. F; 6. F; 7. T; 8. F; 9. T; 10. T
1. b; 2. e; 3. a; 4. d; с — extra
В. Conversion: influence (d), view, slavery, innocent, moral (s), classic. Affixation: international, serial, national, movement, including, Russian, institution, sentimental, conventional, character, highly, emotional, largely, reader, plantation, motivation, Calvinist, hardly, experience, strongly, unjust. Composition: newspaper, stereotype (d), slave trader, all forgiving, true to-life, insight, churchmen, outraged.
A. 2. direction 3. skillful 4. explorers 5. Polynesians 6. location 7. traveller 8. movement 9. writing
B. 2. magnetic 3. freely 4. imaginary 5. explorers 6. mapmakers 7. findings 8. different 9. Various
1. d; 2. g; 3. j; 4. a; 5. i; 6. c; 7. b; 8. f; 9. e; 10. h
1. a plumber’s 2. a postman’s 3. an estate agent’s 4. a police officer’s 5. a vet’s 6. an architect’s 7. a carpenter’s 8. a dressmaker’s 9. a physician’s (a doctor’s) 10. an eye specialist’s (an optician’s)
1. didn’t talk 2. were 3. rides 4. didn’t leave 5. had 6. brings 7. would 8. knew 9. pass 10. will be 11. went 12. had 13. will have 14. were 15. didn’t live
1. If Lizzy hadn’t lost the money, she would have bought some food and the family wouldn’t have had just …
2. Norman Simon would have competed if he hadn’t fallen down and hadn’t broken. …
3. If Rose hadn’t had a sore throat she wouldn’t have sung badly … and would have won. …
4. If Sam hadn’t been late … , the Headmaster wouldn’t have told him … and he wouldn’t have missed. …
5. If Jack hadn’t forgotten about Anna’s birthday, they wouldn’t have had a quarrel and would have got married.
6. If Ms Green hadn’t been walking … and hadn’t been caught … , she wouldn’t have fallen ill and wouldn’t have had to stay. …
7. If Kate’s bag hadn’t been stolen, she would have phoned (managed to phoned). … and would have got. …
8. If the lights hadn’t gone off … , the family would have watched. …
9. If the weather hadn’t been bad … , the vegetables would have grown bit enough. …
10. If Jack hadn’t left his project paper on the bus, he wouldn’t have had to spend. …
1. had worked, have failed
2. had managed, have arrived
3. caught, be late
4. hadn’t rained, have gone
5. bought, have
6. hadn’t been, have forgotten
7. hadn’t lost, have got
8. had, buy
9. hadn’t forgotten, have arrived
10. were, help
1. down; 2. out; 3. in; 4. out; 5. over; 6. over; 7. over; 8. in; 9. Down
1. The silver box was (has been) handed down from generation to generation.
2. The old man was standing (stood) on the porch handing out (multi) coloured balloons to little children.
3. I would like you to hand in the papers for a check on Thursday.
4. John, would you please hand out the letters to all the soldiers.
5. Hand over that compact disk (CD).
6. Hand in the keys when you leave a (the) hotel.
7. Mother handed out the dessert to us.
8. The servant bowed and handed the letter over to his master.
9. All the essays should be (are to be, must be) handed in by Tuesday.
1. set 2. run 3. do 4. hand 5. get 6. set 7. hand 8. ran 9. hand 10. run
1. c; 2. h; 3. g; 4. j; 5. b; 6. d; 7. a; 8. i; 9. c; 10. f
1. In the street a group of children was (were) playing football.
2. In St Petersburg on Senate Square one can see a figure of an angel on the top of the column.
3. Sir Paul Carter was dumb from his birth.
4. Do you mind fixing my broken watch?
5. — We have missed the performance. — Never mind. We can watch it next week.
6. Jack is the smartest pupil of (in) our class.
7. This textbook is (meant) for (the) advanced pupils in this subject.
8. Jane is top of the class; her answers are always smart.
9. John says that they had a terrific time at the party yesterday.
10. Good pupils never use cheat-sheets.
11. The soup had a strong flavor of onions. I don’t think you cared for (liked) it.
12. Do you care for computer games?
13. Will you take care of my goldfish while I’m away?
14. All the children envied Rob’s new bike.
15. Throw these potatoes away. They are rotten.
16. It was silly to ask this question.
17. Mind your own business. They cheated during the game and will be punished.
18. That scene in the film gave me the creeps.
1. top 2. harm 3. a cheat 4. flavor 5. concentration 6. a cheat-sheet
1) a; 2) b; 3) a; 4) b; 5) b; 6) b; 7) b; 8) a; 9) a; 10) b.
1. Do you make your dresses yourself or do you have them made?
2. Yesterday I had my hair cut. The hair stylist (hairdresser) who cut my hair turned out to be (proved) not very skillful. You just look at me.
3. — Lady Grand cares for (likes) her garden very much, especially roses. — Does she plant and water them herself or does she have these done for her?
4. — Anna never shortens her clothes herself. — Where does she send her clothes to have them shortened?
5. Yesterday John had two teeth pulled out.
6. Jane’s brother always fixes his car himself, but he doesn’t like washing it. Jane always has his car washed at the car wash.
7. How often do you have your hands (nails) manicured at the hairdresser’s? How often do you manicure your hands (nails) yourself?
8. Do you have your clothes cleaned at the nearest cleaner’s?
9. a) When did you last have the walls of your country house painted? b) When did you last paint the walls … ?
10. She usually has the grass on the lawn in front of her house mowed twice a week. Her neighbours’ son usually does it.
1. to 2. — 3. of 4. off 5. for 6. of 7. to 8. — 9. for 10. for 11. off 12. into 13. away (out) 14. up 15. in 16. — 17. by 18. — 19. For
1. If James had come to me on time, I would have handed the money over to him.
2. If you had fixed the lamp to/on the wall, the father wouldn’t have read the newspapers by candlelight yesterday.
3. If Colin hadn’t used a cheat-sheet at the exam, he wouldn’t have been punished.
4. If I hadn’t seen this horror film before, it would have given me the creeps.
5. If the kid hadn’t meant any harm, he wouldn’t have run away when we entered the room.
6. If Alice hadn’t called the game rotten, her friends would have let her (allowed her to) take part in it.
7. If Andrew didn’t feel jealous of (envy) Tony, I would say that he is a good friend.
8. If the drink hadn’t had such a strange flavor, we would have drunk it up.
9. If John hadn’t liked maths in his childhood, he wouldn’t have become an engineer.
10. If you hadn’t asked so many silly questions during the interview, you would have got the job.
1. Natasha wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a journalist.
2. When I was choosing my future career, I was influenced by Y German’s famous (well-known) book about doctors.
3. Firemen’s work requires a lot of courage.
4. Nobody cares for tiring monotonous work but it also has to be done.
5. Computers allow people of some professions to work from home.
6. I find a travel agent’s job creative and prestigious enough.
7. My uncle is a baker and this occupation makes night shift work necessary.
8. Everybody says that I have a bent for drawing. I think I’ll follow my friends’ advice and (will) become an architect or an interior designer.
9. My older brother is good at maths. But he hasn’t decided yet what career to choose.
10. My parents encourage my wish to become a clothes designer. It’s a satisfying, creative and rewarding profession.
1. a; 2. —; 3. a, a, the; 4. a, the; 5. an, the;. 6. the; 7. the, a, a; 8. a, a; 9. an, a; 10. the, the, an, a
1. called 2. brought 3. said 4. is coming 5. to sign 6. Isn’t 7. is being organized/will be organized
8. have been invited/are invited 9. Got 10. looked 11. would meet 12. was standing 13. had just begun 14. hoped 15. would recognize 16. had had 17. did 18. was talking 19. Was introduced 20. to tell 21. learnt/learned 22. had advised 23. Smiling 24. Do you like 25. to know 26. had been writing 27. found 28. Had 29. had not given 30. had become
1. b); 2-c); 3. a); 4. d); 5. b); 6. b); 7. b)
Sample version:
a) Frost’s own family.
b) Frost’s school years.
c) Frost’s working years as a reporter.
d) Frost’s college years.
e) Frost’s life as a farmer.
f) Frost’s years in England.
g) Frost’s career in the USA after 1915.
h) Frost’s peculiarities as a poet.
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