Афанасьева, Михеева, 8. Учебник. Unit 3. Упражнения 41-50

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1. с
2. d
3. e
4. a
5. b
1. down
2. round
3. over
4. off
5. across
6. sown
7. off
8. over
9. round
1. I have never come across this expression.
2. Just look at these old photographs. I came across them when I was clearing out our old cupboard.
3. Why don’t you come round to our house for dinner on Saturday?
4. The little baby came off his rocking horse.
5. What came over my elder brother? He let me work on his computer!
6. Jane is feeling so bad today. I think she is coming down with a cold.
7. A mysterious change came over their new teacher.
8. I don’t understand what came over the old lady all of a sudden.
9. Look! A button is coming off your blouse!
downwards-до низу
fancy dress-модная одежда
fancy-dress-маскарадный костюм
to attach-прикреплять
to detach-откреплять
to tie-завязывать
a tie-галстук
to starch-накрахмалить
stiff-тугой, негнущийся, онемевший
to chew-жевать
chewing gum-жевательная резинка
ridiculous-смешной, нелепый
to flap (flapped, flapping)-взмахивать
dignity-достоинство, звание, титул
dignified-благородный, достойный
Перевод задания: Ответьте на вопросы чтобы попрактиковать новые слова.
1. immence: joy, place, size, pleasure, improvement.
2. reluctant: answer, person, promise, help, action.
3. detached: house, look, attitude, view, area.
4. detachable: lining, collar, cuffs, handle, sleeves.
5. starched: shirt, collar, blouse, tablecloth, cap.
6. stiff: shoes, paper, leaf, face, smile.
7. ridiculous: price, answer, idea, behaviour, look.
8. dignified: manner, person, behaviour, words, remark.
1. dignity
2. a fancy dress
3. an outfit
4. reluctance
5. starch
6. a tie
7. a funeral
8. chewing gum
1. The film is worth watching. It is worth seeing the film.
2. It is worth trying to make this salad. This salad is worth trying to make.
3. It is not worth worrying about this.
4. The article is worth translating. It is worth translating the article.
5. It is not worth living a life without friendship.
6. It is worth having your hair cut.
7. It is very cold. I don’t think it is worth going for a walk.
8. It is worth learning to swim.
9. This fancy dress is worth buying. It is worth buying this fancy dress.
10. This shop is worth visiting. It is worth visiting this shop.
1. is, it
2. were, them
3. are, them
4. it, is
5. are, they, are
6. these, are
7. is, it, is
8. this, is, it, is
1. All the money is the world can’t buy happiness. In many cases it is useless.
2. Your clothes are in the bathroom. I think they are already dry. You can take them.
3. Mr Brown’s funeral was on Monday. It was the first funeral that day and it began at ten o’clock.
4. The traffic lights are right opposite the school.
5. I have two pyjamas: one pair is blue, the other is pink. I like the pink pyjamas more.
6. In Hogwart School there were a lot of stairs. The most mysterious of them were the stairs leading to the dungeon.
7. This big clock is a little slow and my watch is two minutes fast.
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