Афанасьева, Михеева, 8. Учебник. Unit 4. Упражнения 31-40

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1. a), c); 2. a), b); 3. c); 4. b); 5. b), a); 6. a), b); 7. c), a); 8. a), b)
1- c); 2- b); 3- d); 4- a)
1. At my school we can (may) wear jeans if we want. We don’t have to wear a uniform.
2. You mustn’t/shouldn’t go out without a coat. It’s freezing cold.
3. If your shoes hurt you, you shouldn’t wear them.
4. Someone has stolen my passport. I must (have to) go to the police station.
5. Your parents don’t know where you are. I’m sure they will be worried about you. You must call them.
6. Don’t you think that Latin should be learnt at school?
7. Our train broke down yesterday, so we had to finish our journey by bus.
8. My mother has bought a dishwasher so I don’t have to do the washing up any more.
9. My parents are very strict I must be at home early.
10. You mustn’t touch those cakes. They are not for you.
1. The blind; 2. rich; 3. The old … the young; 4. the deaf, dumb or blind; 5. the rich; 6. old
a) … disturb (remove the furniture; feed the animals etc.);
b) … head (step);
c) … out;
d) … right (left, off the grass etc.);
e) … of the dog (of wild animate etc.);
f) … smoking (trespassing etc.);
g) … of order;
h) … the grass (the road etc.)
1) on a train or a bus; 2) on a box; 3) in a park; 4) on a road; 5) at the customs; 6) on the stairs; 7) at a railway station or an airport; 8) on a fence, gate or a door; 9) on a gate; 10) in a public place
1. … I’ll see to your garden … 2. … to see off our friend … 3. … I’ll see you around quite often … 4. … he didn’t see through his sister’s lies … 5. … come to see you off. 6. … I saw Jeremy around … 7. … could easily see through the detectives’ actions. 8. See to it that the lights are switched off …
1. through; 2. to; 3. to; 4. off; 5. through; 6. around; 7. through; 8. off; 9. around; 10. to
1. We went to the station to see off our aunt.
2. Could you see to it that our guests are given tea?
3. Never before I’ve met a person who could see through all the children’s tricks.
4. Which of you has seen him around recently?
5. Someone has to see to the holidaymakers’ comfort.
6. May (Can) I see you off at the station?
7. We need someone who is hard to be deceived who can see through the enemy.
8. Bye, I’ll see you around!
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