Афанасьева, Михеева, 8. Учебник. Unit 4. Упражнения 61-70

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1. — What are we doing (going to do/shall we do) today? — We can go either to the cinema or to the theatre. What would you like?
—Neither this nor that. (Neither one nor the other.) I’m tired and want to stay at home.
2. None of the houses in our street looks modern.
3. Please give me a pen or a pencil. Either will do.
4. — Would you like fruit or ice cream? — Neither (this nor that). I’m full. (I’ve had enough.)
5. I would like to invite either Nick or Kate to the theatre. It depends on which of them is (will be) free on Tuesday.
6. Neither my friends nor me (I) have ever heard of this writer.
Перевод задания: Прослушайте текст и попытайтесь прочитать его артистично в манере диктора.
1. Because the operation was serious.
2. He tried to talk the patient out of having (getting) a metal heart.
3. Because it was less dangerous as it was made of a polymeric material imitating the human heart.
4. No, he didn’t.
5. He didn’t want a “plastic” heart as it could wear out easier than a metal one.
6. They were robots that had the status of citizens.
7. People believed that Metallos were physically strong and powerful.
8. Yes, it was to some of them. In the first place one always wants to have what one doesn’t have. (The grass is always green on the other side of the road.) Also Metallos might have found certain human features attractive: emotions, such as love and hatred, sympathy etc., among them human way of life could be also attractive.
9. The engineer thought that someday there would be a society of hybrids (half Metallos, half humans) on his planet. He hoped to have the advantage of men combined with those of robots.
10. The surgeon didn’t believe in hybrids of men and robots because they were neither men nor robots.
11. —
12. —
13. The surgeon’s face had no expression (“without expression”, “the surgeon’s face didn’t change expression”, “I can’t say what happened by just looking at you”). The patient didn’t want to address him as a doctor (he did it “against his will”).
14. One of the possible ideas: People should not try to change their nature or become somebody else. Variety makes the society better, not worse.
15. —
Перевод задания: Прокоментиируйте выражение.
Перевод задания: Представьте, что вы мед. инженер из истории и расскажите про события описываемые в тексте.
Перевод задания: Составьте и поговорите на темы: а) между врачом и пациентом. между врачом и мед. инженером.
Перевод задания: Главный герой рассказа робот. Скажите что такое роботы и назовите некоторые сферы жизни в которых они могут использоваться.
Перевод задания: Сегодня некоторые люди думают что роботы могут сделать больше вреда чем хорошего. Работайте в группах и обсудите, роботы зло или добро. Ниже предоставлены несколько идей которые вы можете использовать. Поддержите свои аргументы примерами.
1) physics; 2) biology; 3) mathematics; 4) geology; 5) engineering) astronomy; 7) chemistry; 8) botany; 9) zoology; 10) microbiology
1. invented; 2. discover; 3. invention; 4. inventions; 5. discovered; 6. discovery; 7. invent; 8. discoveries; 9. discovered; 10. invented
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