Афанасьева, Михеева, 8. Учебник. Unit 5. Упражнения 31-40

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a) 2, 5, 6 (shouldn’t have asked)
b) 1, 3, 4, 6 (should have decided)
1) the Victoria and Albert Museum;
2) the Tower;
3) Tower Bridge;
4) St Paul’s Cathedral;
5) Piccadilly Circus;
6) Buckingham Palace;
7) the Tate Gallery;
8) the British Museum
1. I needn’t have phoned Andy. My sister phoned him (did it) before me.
2. You could have told me we were not going to school on Monday.
3. Alice shouldn’t have drunk cold milk.
4. Kim should have typed the letter. Her handwriting is no good.
5. Michael needn’t ask about this (it). He knows the answer to this question.
6. You could have taken part in the competition. Why didn’t you come?
7. Caroline, you should have washed up.
8. We needn’t look for Granny’s glasses. She has already found them.
9. Jack needn’t have gone to the shops. There is plenty of food at home.
10. They should have painted the walls yellow. Mrs Adams likes this colour.
1. You should have ironed the linen.
2. You should have watered the flowers.
3. You shouldn’t have smoked in the flat.
4. You should have swept the floor.
5. You should have washed up.
6. You should have cooked dinner (fish and chicken).
7. You should have, put the milk and cheese in the fridge.
8. You should have washed (your blouse).
9. You should have bought some bread.
1. Larry looks great (very good) for his age.
2. The boy looks too tired to go farther (further).
3. Anna says she feels great after her seaside holiday.
4. The pie tastes very nice, thank you.
5. It’s getting hot, let’s open the window.
6. His story sounds interesting.
7. The teapot (kettle) still feels hot.
8. Does the soup taste good?
9. You look very smart. Where are you going?
10. Your little brother looks quite happy.
11. The song sounds very quiet, I don’t understand the words.
12. What’s this dish? It smells so tasty.
1. (The) Lilac smells sweet.
2. John always speaks quietly.
3. My uncle looked at me angrily.
4. The music sounds loud.
5. Nelly feels well, but her sister still looks bad.
6. The children speak Spanish badly (poorly).
7. When Ann heard the news she became sad.
8. Jack was/felt warm. He didn’t feel it was freezing outdoors.
9. Mrs Biggs greeted us coldly and left the room.
10. The food tastes bitter.
11. It’s getting dark.
12. While saying “goodbye” (parting with us) he was smiling sadly.
American, Belgian, Canadian, Mexican, Swiss, British, Irish, Scottish. Because these languages do not exist.
1) The Chinese live in China. They speak Chinese.
2) The Italians live in Italy. They speak Italian.
3) The British live in Britain. They speak English.
4) The Norwegians live in Norway. They speak Norwegian.
5) The Russians live in Russia. They speak Russian.
6) The Swedish live in Sweden. They speak Swedish.
7) The Japanese live in Japan. They speak Japanese.
8) The Czech live in the Czech Republic. They speak Czech.
9) The Irish live in Ireland. They speak Irish Gaelic and English.
10) The Americans live in the USA. They speak English.
11) The Portuguese live in Portugal. They speak Portuguese.
12) The Turks live in Turkey. They speak Turkish.
13) The Canadians live in Canada. They speak English and French.
14) The Greeks live in Greece. They speak Greek.
15) The French live in France. They speak French.
16) The English live in England. They speak English.
17) The Welsh live in Wales. They speak Welsh and English.
18) The Mexicans live in Mexico. They speak Spanish.
19) The Dutch live in Holland (the Netherlands). They speak Dutch.
20) The Scottish live in Scotland. They speak English and Scottish Gaelic.
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