Афанасьева, Михеева, 8. Учебник. Unit 5. Упражнения 41-50

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English tea, Italian pizza, Swiss chocolate, Czech beer, Greek olives, Portuguese sardines, Turkish coffee, Norwegian salmon, Dutch cheese, Russian caviar (e), Chinese rice, German sausages
1. Last year two Englishwomen came to our school.
2. I’d like to learn (know) more about the Belgian Royal Family.
3. (The) Mexicans speak Spanish.
4. The Chinese belong to a very ancient civilization and every Chinese is proud of it.
5. (The) Finns are great skiers and so are the Norwegians.
6. She is Irish, but she lives in England.
7. Two Italians and a German play in their football team.
8. The Spanish (Spaniards) are famous for their singing and dancing.
9. These two young men are Canadian (s). They’ve come (came) here from Ottawa.
10. The name of this artist is familiar to every Frenchman (French person).
1) an ant’s nest; 3) a child’s dream; 6) London’s streets; 7) a day’s trip; 8) a month’s salary; 9) two years’ wait; 10) yesterday’s speech
1. — c); 2. — d); 3. — a); 4. — b)
A. underground maps; information on television screens; indicators on the front of the trains and on the platform; station staff
B. 1. Northern; 2, a television screen; 3. 250; 4. symbol; 5. Ticket machine, ticket office; 6. books of tickets; 7. destinations; 8. gives it up; 9. all of London’s Red Buses and main line trains; 10. at railway and underground stations
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