Афанасьева, Михеева, 8. Учебник. Unit 5. Упражнения 51-60

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1. Он бросил школу.
2. Почему бы тебе как-нибудь не зайти (ко мне) и не взглянуть на фотографии (снимки), которые я сделал, когда отдыхал в Санкт-Петербурге?
3. Тебя высадить у твоего дома?
4. Джейн зашла ко мне после ужина.
5. В группе осталось только семь человек — пятеро в прошлом месяце выбыли (отчислились).
6. С какой стати набрасываться на младшего брата, когда очевидно, что он этого не делал?
7. Я просто заглянул (а), чтобы пожелать тебе счастливого Рождества.
8. Сегодня в городе я случайно встретил (а) старого друга.
1. in; 2. out; 3. in; on; 4. off; 5. out; 6. on; 7. in; 8. out; 9. off; 10. On
1) a nightmare; a reunion; a tear; a destination; a vessel; a couple
2) to thrill; to clatter; to sink; to groan; to tremble; to embrace; to flow
3) confused; rough; annual; wrinkled; bare
to clatter on the roof; a confusing answer; a rough sea; to sink to the bottom; a groan of despair; to tremble with anger (rage); to embrace tenderly; a fishing vessel; a flow of words; the destination of our trip; wrinkled cheeks; an annual holiday (festival); to burst into tears; bare branches of trees; a thrilling game; a family reunion; a real nightmare; a married couple
1. annual; 2. thrilling; 3. clatter; 4. embrace; 5. tears, wrinkled; 6. couple; 7. destination; 8. sank; 9. rough; 10. nightmare; 11. reunion; 12. confusing; 13. bare; 14. groaning; 15. Flow
1. pair; 2. pair; 3. couple; 4. pair; 5. couple; 6. couple; 7. pair; 8. pair; 9. couple; 10. Couples
1. Go shopping and buy a couple of kilos of apples.
2. The first day of the journey was a real nightmare but then everything changed for the better.
3. The sea was so rough that nearly everybody got/was seasick.
4. The tree was bare, there were no leaves on it.
5. There were tears on the old woman’s wrinkled face, weren’t there?
6. What thrilling news!
7. Without the carpet my bedroom looks quite bare.
8. Fiona is my half-sister.
9. Why are you trembling, Diana? I don’t think it’s cold here.
10. Into what sea does the Severn flow?
11. Her words confused me.
12. I could hear the clatter of pots and pans in the kitchen.
13. The ship sank in deep water.
14. The grandmother embraced her granddaughter warmly (tenderly).
15. I always read this annual magazine.
B. 1. False. (They were Christmas holidays.)
2. False. (The weather was nice.)
3. True.
4. True.
5. True.
6. False. (It was the first time she was driving.)
7. True.
8. False. (It was the village of Llandaff.)
9. False. (They crashed because the driver didn’t expect the road to make a turn.)
10. False. (It was a real nightmare.)
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