Афанасьева, Михеева, 8. Учебник. Unit 6. Упражнения 21-30

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1. in, in; 2. for, from; 3. to; 4. of; 5. of; 6. to, of; 7. in; 8. of, of; 9. in; 10. of (about); 11. from
1. Jane blames Simon for her coming too early.
2. We blame the shop assistant for our buying a faulty bike.
3. Robert blames his granny for his sending the telegram to the wrong address.
4. Dan blames Colin for having to mend his trainers.
5. Boris blames us for his mixing up the two words.
6. I blame my younger sister for my losing the keys.
7. Alice blames her teacher for (her) getting a bad mark.
1. I’m looking (I look) forward to meeting you again.
2. Do you mind my/me turning/switching off the television? It’s time to go to bed.
3. Did you have a good time dancing at the disco?
4. Don’t complain of having little time. You can always find time if you want to.
5. Try and prevent (keep, stop) Max from going camping. He is not feeling well.
6. Thank you for coming.
7. I think you should apologize for being so rude.
8. She has always been interested in language learning.
9. Will anybody object to my/me coming a little later?
10. The police stopped the burglar from getting into the house through the window.
11. He is not used to washing up after meals.
12. I’m guilty of many things, but I’m not guilty of lying.
1. to buy; 2. to come/arrive; 3. to carry; 4. to water; 5. to hire/take; 6. to learn/begin; 7. to explain; 8. to be/travel; 9. to see/notice; 10. to speak
1. Fred asked me to close … 2. Justin reminded his younger sister to take her books … 3. Paul advised Bob to take … 4. Max ordered us to surround … 5. Lizzy’s mother forced her to go … 6. The head teacher expected/told me to come … 7. Every driver is required by law to have … 8. Pauline’s friend reminded her to translate … 9. Mrs Fowles told/warned … 10. The experienced teacher encouraged/advised her younger colleague to explain …
1. to do; 2. seeing; 3. to do; 4. playing; 5. to give; smoking; 6. to be; 7. drive; 8. finding; 9. to go; shopping; 10. to read; 11. Smiling
offer: 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11 suggest: 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 12.
1. suggested; 2. offered; 3. offered; 4. offer; 5. suggests (suggested); 6. suggests (suggested); 7. offered; 8. suggests (suggested); 9. offered; 10. suggests (suggested)
1. Mother suggests a visit to the theatre (going to the theatre).
2. Mother suggests our going to the theatre (that we should go to the theatre).
3. I offer to buy tickets for this performance tomorrow.
4. At the end of the interview they offered me (I was offered) a job.
5. Sally suggested our going (that we should go) for a swim.
6. Dan suggested a different plan.
7. Willy: a) offered to do it this way; b) suggested doing it this way.
8. Polly offered Mrs Stein 20 dollars for the picture.
9. He didn’t even offer me a cup of tea.
10. I suggest we should stop (our stopping) for a cup of coffee.
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