Афанасьева, Михеева, 8. Учебник. Unit 6. Упражнения 31-40

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1. Sorry, I’m not used to talking to strangers.
2. He got used to reading serious books when he was a child.
3. When he was young he used to ride a bike to work and he liked it.
4. We used to go to a coffee shop on Saturdays and eat tasty cakes.
5. I used not to like flying.
6. I’m afraid I’m not used to sea voyages.
7. In India I got used to riding elephants.
8. It’s good to get used to watching English films.
1. watching; 2. to telephone; 3. to switch; 4. travelling; 5. to ring; 6. dancing; 7. to post; 8. meeting; 9. to lock; 10. Seeing
1. eating; 2. to say; 3. to take; 4. talking; 5. to look; 6. crying; 7. to get; 8. to pick up
1. telling; 2. to tell; 3. to inform; 4. being; 5. taking; 6. to ask; 7. staying; 8. to ask
1. to visit; 2. bringing; 3. taking; 4. to go; 5. to watch; 6. to use; 7. removing; 8. Smoking
Alice: …
Dan: Hello! It’s Dan here.
D: I’m fine, thank you. Is Sally in? Can I speak to her?
A: …
D: Sorry, unfortunately I’ll be busy after 5.
D: Yes, please. Could you tell her that I’d like to have a word with her.
A: …
D: Thank you. Bye!
Alice: Hello? Who’s that speaking?
Pauline: …
A: Yes, he is. Hold the line, please. I’ll call him.
Robin: …
Pauline: …
R: Hello? Robin speaking … Hello? Is that you, Pauline? Can you hear me well?
Pauline: …
R: Thanks for calling.
Pauline:. …
R: See you.
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