Афанасьева, Михеева, 9. Учебник. Unit 3. Exercise 16.

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They started discussing the news after Mr Loveday had gone out of the room.
Jenny took her dog Chase out as soon as she had finished her composition.
Paul made a call to Lucy as soon as he had arrived at the gallery.
Grace went to the living room when she had laid the child on the bed.
I paid for a pair of fashionable gloves when I had selected them.
Mr Harry Gras bought a Ford after he had got a loan in his bank.
Fred’s mother gave him her own mobile after he had lost his.
Kelly caught a cold after she had got into a snowstorm.
Gwen prepared a cup of tea for Charlie when she had listened to his reciting of the poem.
Mrs Ray began delivering her lecture as soon as she came to her desk and opened her papers.
Alice went out to meet her friend Wendy after she had translated the article.
Fred left the shop after he had paid for his purchase.
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