Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова, 5. Rainbow English. Учебник. Unit 3. Step 6

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Who is writing a letter? — Aunt Polly is. Who is going to be a success? — Jerry is. Who is learning French? — Jerry is. Who is a married man? — Tom is. Who is thinking about leaving London? — Tom and his wife are. Who is going to call Jane? — Aunt Polly is.
1) successful;
2) useful;
3) painful;
4) wonderful;
5) beautiful;
6) joyful.
1) Pussy’s got a ball. It hasn’t got toy mice.
2) Mr Clark’s got a bag. He hasn’t got a mobile phone.
3) Mr Barton’s got pigs. He hasn’t got a sheep.
4) Jack’s got a car. He hasn’t got a bike.
5) Alice’s got an apple. She hasn’t got a hamburger.
6) Helen’s got a TV. She hasn’t got a computer.
7) Mrs Morrison’s got pies. She hasn’t got sweets.
8) Bobby’s got a pen. He hasn’t got a pencil.
9) Ruth and Rosie have got tulips. They haven’t got roses.
B. called, talked, played, went, took, went, made, took (out), read, finished, wratched.
1) have got;
2) has got;
3) has got;
4) have got;
5) has got;
6) have got.
1) Let’s drink some juice.
2) Let’s watch some film.
3) Let’s have tea.
4) Let’s go to the shop.
5) Let’s have lunch.
1d; 2c; 3a; 4b.
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