Афанасьева, Михеева, Баранова, 5. Rainbow English. Учебник. Unit 6. Step 7

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1c; 2a; 3a; 4b, d; 5c.
1) was writing;
2) was lying;
3) were travelling;
4) were swimming;
5) were dancing;
6) were beginning.
2) I was dressing when my neighbour came.
3) I was having a cup of tea when my friend came.
4) I was getting the car out of the garage when a policeman stopped me.
5) I was driving to your house when my car stopped.
6) I was going by bus when it began raining.
7) I was standing at the bus stop while it was raining.
1) Do you love your home town?
2) Howard says he doesn’t understand me.
3) Jack didn’t answer my question, he was thinking.
4) When I met Tom, he was walking to the supermarket.
5) My brother hated milk when he was little.
6) We were having dinner when you called.
7) She thinks that she is the best pupil in her class.
8) What present do you want for your birthday?
9) What television programme were you watching at 9 o’clock yesterday night?
10) Did you know that Tim was my neighbour?
11) Did you hear when Tom came back?
12) “Think, Jane, think!” — “Oh, mum, I am thinking.”
1) What were you doing at half past one? — I was having lunch / eating soup.
2) What were you doing at ten minutes to two? — I was playing football.
3) What were you doing at a quarter past three? — I was writing / doing my homework.
4) What were you doing at half past four? — I was watching television.
5) What were you doing at 5 o’clock? — I was drinking milk.
6) What were you doing at twenty minutes to six? — I was walking my dog / I was taking my dog out.
1) were sitting, came;
2) was sending, saw;
3) was hugging, opened;
4) was walking, met;
5) were watching television, left;
6) were leaving, heard;
7) were playing, came;
8) were doing, began.
1) He was not playing football with us yesterday.
2) Were you reading a book at 7 o’clock?
3) Were they visiting their grandad in the morning?
4) The birds were singing early in the morning.
5) What was Ben doing yesterday evening?
6) She wasn’t sleeping at night.
7) Was the teacher speaking to you?
1) want;
2) am making;
3) love;
4) think;
5) was writing;
6) were watching;
7) hear, is singing.
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